July 05, 2010


How's the lovely shade of hazel on my hair? Gorgeously ... digitalized. I use to despise asians with dyed hair, but have since changed my mind within this past year. My two best friends both have dyed hair, and honestly... it looks really good! Sometimes color can make a huge difference. Take Jessica Alba for example... plain Jane with regular dark brown hair. After her highlights, her features were enhanced. BAM, media sensation.Many a times I was in CVS scooping the shelves full of haircolor... I would picked up a box, call friends to consult... thennnnn slowly go in line. But everytime,, the chicken in me still prevails. Not just fear of the wrong color, also because I don't want to stress my hair. After getting it straightened I really try to stay away from hair heat... this INCLUDING hairdrying... This is why it takes over 4 hours for my hair to completely dry. What an inducer for colds. But then I think my head should be use to it by now. Nevertheless, in terms of color, photoshop can give me a preview. Whew... or at least satisfy my curiosity in terms of physical outcome. Hrmmm... should I or should I not.

It's one thing to swim in the pool, and another thing to dive in. Last night was an amazing experience. I cannonballed into the pool after steaming in the Jaccuzzi for 30 minutes. I think the last time I did so was about a decade ago, and for those few minutes, it did shead a decade off my age. Like the 12 year old in me, wow. SOOO refreshing... as you jump into the pool and the splash drinks you in, water envelops you like a cooling hug. Pulling all the heat and worries away. You grab on to your legs for dear life because that's all you have to hold. Touch is trusting and secure. Fetal position. Your vision blurs along with the bubbles and foam. And your world looks an endless blue. except the hazy yellow light at the bottom of the pool, so close yet so far away. If you ball down deep enough, soon, all you wonder is when your head will bob back to the surface. Calming because you know you will soon, calming because water is all you hear.... Yet in anticipation because your breath is lingering... you remember you can still breath out. bubbles. You break the water surface, and air. life. wow... Not saying I like to hold my breath for the exuberance of breathing... but it is pretty amazing if you think about it. Almost topping firework watching in the jacuzzi.. but maybe I'll elaborate on that in another entry.

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