July 19, 2010

Tiny things

What is it exactly about tiny things that make it so cute?
So I was studying yesterday when my sister poked me on my shoulder.  Not knowing what was up, I simply flicked away her am.  A few minutes later, I noticed I had a little sticker stuck on my arm.   

Immediately I thought "OMG SOO CUTEEE".  Now that got me thinking.  If she had stuck one of those huge "Hi my name is" stickies on my arm with the same words, I might have just thought she was strange, and the present situation as annoying.  Same thing with paper cranes. Fold me a regular sized one, ohh okay. Humongous sized, omg.. huge, what a waste of space.  Tiny sized, "omggg sooo cuteee." ::keep::  Same with sandwiches. Huge ones, "nom nom!?" Regular sized ones "wuteva". Mini Sandwiches "Omgg so cutee".  Same with laptops.  Has anyone ever described someone's 17inch laptop as really cute?  Probably not, unless it was completely pink and blinged out with hello kitty and unicorns... then maybe. But in that case, another comparison would probably suffice.  Anyway,  I just wonder.  What is this obsession with linking  adjective "cute" to small things?  We humans are uniformly weird.  But I love it.

Oh, and I kept the sticker on for about another hour.  Cuz... I mean,  since I'm already cool, why not just emphasize it more.  (joking:P)

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