July 09, 2010

New layout in process...

Started making my layout today... it's sooo gorgeous! I love getting back on my old track :D
Too bad I'm too busy right now to do everything all at once. Boo... In other news, let's talk about hair.

Hrmmm... thought about cutting my hair. Getting wayy too long. I didn't even notice how long it was until I saw the picture above.  Oh shotss.. what a waste of shampoo. But then I saw this really easy bow hairtie tutorial... and that made me rethink the cutting. I think I might try it sometime for fun... of course I won't wear it out :P

And this song is REALLY catchy... " He ate my heart..eh eh eh.. he ate my heart eh eh eh "

Also. today I already thought it was amazing when I sent my friend a video of a snake eating a humongous egg.
but he topped me by, sending a video of a snake eating a hippo. back. LOLLL

I wonder if snakes ever get indigestion...

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