July 04, 2010

day 6

sleep 2AM wake 10AM
morning fix: neava, tto ton, vit emoi, even bet, MBP,

breakfast: buffet style eggs porrage steamed broccoli, salmon, lotza fruits

lunch: amazing chinese food frog lobster crab sea anenome and a bunch of stuff

dinner: dominos edamame icecream soda
I had never noticed it before, but my nailpolish collection is actually quite extensive! This is give or take a few.

watching fireworks from the jaccuzzi is an amazing experience. Have been swimming for a bit, but cannoned balled for the first time in about 10 years... Priceless experience. Think I'll do that more in the future

gonna give my skin a rest today

night fix: some scrub, neutrogena toner, tto on spots, tto moisturizer

herbal packet, vitamins

Bye 6-9

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