August 29, 2011

see you later and hello (in this order)

Gosh! I don't think I've been to so many places at once within a month's span.  Taiwan then norcal then socal then norcal again and tomorrow.... Boston! Things have been hectic lately and it's about to get even more crazy. I'm solaced by the fact that that I'd snapped pictures along my journey thus far. When thing's get settled, it will be nice to look upon events that happened this past year. Specifically after Taiwan, I've come to realize how my s95 is definitely not up to par with DSLR's. With that said, it's human nature to always eye on better things out there. So I'm not too jealous! As long as I have my trusty Photoshop, I can modify any picture to my liking.  Below are a set of modified pictures taken this June at the Montage in Laguna Beach.

Let these pictures of the Pacific Coastline be a celebration of the start of a new beginning...

Tree of knowledge... LOL not

I wonder what the initials in the hearts say

Friend's Cam Cam >> Mine. we had a shooting comparison

I have no idea what these are... aloe? they look exotic nevertheless

Man looking at the waves. He stood there for 20 minutes... as I stared at his shadow from the cliffs above. CREEPYYY.. (i'm 1/2 JK)


Until next time California sunset! I'll see you in four months :)

August 26, 2011

I think I found a solution to satisfy your psychotic sweet cravings...

In an attempt to placate "grossness" of my previous entry.  I've decided to  post a more stomach friendly entry.... featuring none other then the all american friendly... DOUGHNUT!

My trip to Psycho Donuts was a professional whim.  A whim because it was a tack-on to my late night boba run. Professional, because I  yelped the store to make sure it would be a worthwhile visit.

A crazy arse donut shop. period.  (PS. spot the boba?)

Ze Kooky Monster.

Psycho Panda

Strawberry Fields... my favorite! This literally has the most innocent name

"I was still trying to take in the environment when I was greeted enthusiastically by a nurse with yellow (yes, YELLOW) hair. As she smiles, her dimples glisten. (oh wait.. they are actually symmetrical piercings on her cheek). She strikes up a friendly conversation as she hands us some bubble wrap and patiently waits for us to decide what to get."

Our friendly nurse/cashier  has literally orange/yellow hair ...

diagnosis... of each donut.  Do you spot the Michael Jackson?
It's actually chocolate doughnut on the inside. Let's see if you can figure out why. ;)

Indeed my expectations were met if not exceeded. usual, if you are still curious read my complete yelp review here!

August 19, 2011

Bug me... not.

During my visit this summer to Taiwan, I'd racked up several "gut" factors in bug-endurance.  I was never the gnat catcher naturally.  But I think overexposure while camping in the mountains of Taiwan's National parks (Taroko to be specific), has forced me to come to peace with some insects... specifically, spiders.

Now I go by the mantra: Spiders eat mosquitoes. Therefore spiders = good. So I don't bother to kill them anymore.   Savvy :D

I was bit horrendously by mosquitoes when my precious bottle of OFF was used up. So like all my previous trips to Taiwan, I (honorably) brought back a plethora of souvenirs on my skin again. Darn mosquito bite scars.

I've thought about this before.  So hypothetically, if I needed to, I could move to Taiwan with no problem in terms of blending in with the culture and language.... but the ONE thing that would bug me (no pun intended) would be these mosquitoes. THEY FREAKING LOVE AMERICAN BLOOD.  I wonder if I would ever get natural resistance if I did stay there long enough. Surely I wouldn't want to be poisoned by DEET.

With that said, some creepy crawly pictures from my trip up the mountains!
Yangminshan: How many spiders can you find?

CLOSEUP! This one was especially huge.

Taroko: Spider!

This was a fun one... too bad I focused on the background instead of the actual caterpillar. 

Black and white striped creepies... They looked like blown up ants

Butterfly in flight! Leopard print no?

Lizard (?) climbing on the camp walls.
Butterfly flight caught in action!

tiiiny weeny geko!


That's me in the plaid! 

Disclaimer: Taiwan is not riddled with bugs. This is because I was up in the mountains. LOL 

Boston June Trip Pics

I realized that I hadn't uploaded pictures from my June trip in Boston yet...  Nothing artsy, but here they are.

Flushin out some "expired" entries.

August 18, 2011

so if you come knockin at my door and i great u with a ninja face...

Does something look different?

Closer look

ahha.. admist my packing I found this pack of "Collagen Crystal Eye Bag Mask" that I obtained as a gwp when I bought my first pair of circle lenses during the days of my college yore.

upon quick inspection, I noticed this (no brand) eye mask riddled with spelling errors "press mask with frigertips"  and nonsensical statements "Modes eye sritounding skin soft".

hrmm..sounds fishy and I probably shouldn't try it out on my skin.

but naturally, despite my better instinct, I gave in to my curiosities of this whimsical package of magic.

success! my skin does not seem to be reacting to it ... yet. hopefully my undereye is enjoying this little jelly pampering too.

lucky lucky. I need to stop taking chances with my skin.  I blame Taiwan this time... it has brainwashed me into another facemasking phase.

August 10, 2011

Hello Life, I'm back from my escape

two and a half months and nine pairs of shoes later...

All my new shoes :) "it didn't seem like i was buying THAT many pairs then"


and it feels great... but also surreal and nostalgic. My summer in Taiwan was too amazing for words. Food. Friends. Family.

Diving back into reality is much harder then expected.  I've only been back for two hours and already feeling the pressure of everything that needs to get done!

Summer was so magical that I found platform nine and three quarters XP
Updates coming up!