July 03, 2010

A moment in time: Graduation

Graduation. A stepping stone to the next stage of life.  To be quite honest, wasn't THAT important to me, told my parents about it 4 days before.  It was more of a fieldgoal, rather than an ending score.  But I had a great time taking pictures.
Since I never got to post up the pictures I took for graduation, and today is a busy day... I figured what the perfect oppurtunity to do so!

Waiting in Line for the Grad to begin. White tassle is Psychology, Yellow Tassle is Psychobiology

Peering though the fences as the first of the grads walk in. The ground was damp and muddy and I was praying my heels won't get stuck

"don't loose shoes.. don't loose shoes" Spencers trippy hat consisted of 1. a supreme comic, 2 a picture of him and jocelyn and 3. 2 playing cards. I felt bad for whoever was behind me. My cap was a boring black!

Field was gorgeous that day!  As hard as it is to believe, this picture took me the longest. tried to gradient the sky

My favorite out of the whole set.  There was this (very clever) student that brought a bubble gun.  buubbbleess!!

Doing the "spencer pose"

CPR Save a life. My fellow instructors and I

candid laughters

Psychobiology <3

Not my balloons but worth a shot :P

Picture my sis took when i was adjusting a bobby pin in my hair. haha

All pictures taken on my Kodak easyshare M341.  Photoshopped with PS7.

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