June 25, 2013

Why we do the things we do.

I went to Ralphs today to pick up a few things for mom.

On my way down the bread aisle I passed by a man pushing his shopping cart. This guy was a giant.... at least 6 feet 4... and at least 200 pounds.

Our grocery cart clicked. "oh sorry". I adjusted my path and glanced up for a brief second.

Within that microsecond, we made eye contact.


It's funny how the human mind works... and what things we remember from the past. I knew his full name. He went to my elementary school, and we were in the same 3rd grade class. I knew the name of his best friend then. They were inseparable... zooming around the carpeted classroom floor with their beloved toy trunks and engines. He wore striped overalls and was a train conductor one Halloween.

And I specifically remember a scene during circle time when our teacher confiscated his muddy toy stick... and stuffed it in her bra.

Aside from the same sandy brown hair, I could swear this person looks completely different. In fact, despite him being a classmate, I'd barely spoke to then... it was the era when boys had cooties.

Yet I recognized him after over a decade. Similarly, his blue eyes bared into mine with a sense of recognition.

and then we continued our separate ways down the grocery aisle.

June 24, 2013

my last 24 hours in boston.... not.

my alarm beeps. i had set it for no reason, no exams no test, no nothing. the only things certain today are that i have to get my room wrapped up. as neat as a sleek can. and successfully catch the 7am plane next morning. oh and shoe racks.

getting closure on close to a thousand days of your life on the atlantic side of the united states is not just physically, but emotionally toiling as well.

tapping of rain on the windowsill, no, i mean pounding. is the sky crying? I’m being dramatic. shit. I need to donate my stuff.

suddenly i find myself and two other friends jaywalking across streets each lugging a 30 lb box of clothing. I curse myself for the tax free enticement of massachusett’s law on garments. its raining horse tears. packaging tape soaks up.. and sneakily loosens it’s grip. my poor cardboard boxes. postal office lady is a bitch. i spend 100 on shipping.

so i treat myself with boba to make myself feel better.

i go home after lunch and sit in world war 3 for 1 more hour until realize my broken guitar and clothes must be donated or sold. i find that donation is the only option .. and slowly feel more and more empty as things are given away.

it hits 430 pm as i walk out of goodwill.  my coworkers text me about grabbing drinks. for a split second i almost text back yes. a car comes by and spashes water all over me. ” no sorry, i still need to pack frantically” and then of course, i remember..

and CUT

Here's to a not-so-symbolic end to a new beginning. Indeed, there's more to the story above but probably would be too boring for a public outlet... thus shared in a private blog with my best college friends... and...

instead, I'll post something a bit less glum and but probably still somewhat thought provoking.

with the acquisition of my iphone 4s about a  year ago, i've hopelessly fallen into addiction to the glorified, and yes remarkably grand instagram.

snap here snap there, a quick flip of filters. wow, it looks amazing. an end result that would have taken me at least 20 minutes fiddling around on photoshop to look equally as vintage.

But it dawned on me today. Technology has the positives of creating an 'end result' in an instant.  however, is this simplification really aiding to our civilization or is it just allowing mass creation of diverse artwork with no actual skill involved?  What is skill anymore? what is talent?

Back in early highschool and middle, I took pride in learning html from scratch... then
with the advent of 'what you see is what you get' editors and suddenly with a click of a button, a new page is born. I'm bitter, but its ok. I got a bite of the other side of the cookie too .. with the new instagram video... i am now such a pro... videographer.  =)

anyway.  there really is no point in this entry.  rather, a beginning to more consistent entry publishings on this blog. Thanks to the procurement of a very expensive piece of paper also known as the diploma, I am back from my hiatus. ah such bliss. until next time.

March 25, 2013

I'lll be graduating in 2 months.

In Boston, it's the season where leaves turn pink. The change of seasons can metaphorically translate to the unraveling of a new chapter in my life.... or will it?  In less then two months I'll be graduating...

Next Stop...... ?