June 30, 2010

poople phants.

Admist my frantic cleaning today, I found the ugliest pair of jeans I had ever seen in my life.

1. They were not skinny enough to be skinny jeans, yet not wide enough to be regular or even boot cut jeans
2. Color resembled an overly ripe eggpant.
3. It was high waisted and the crotch zipper was about 8 inches long.

I think the attractiveness level of anyone wearing those pants would decrease by 38% straight off the bat.
So I did some snipping...

Added a retro yelloOH T-shirt.  Still too big?  Snapped on some old suspenders. weee..

Now, if I had yellow converses, this would top off teh whole dealio.
Alas...new high waisted shorts to wear!

day 3

sleep: 447am wake 1208PM

Morning fix: neava, tea tree toner, tto on sp,  tto lotion.

Accomplished: picked up gparents, CLEAN LIKE CRAZY.

cocopuffs in nonfat milk, 1/2 ham turkey sandwich with lettuce on whole wheat toast.

evening fix: neava, tto toner, tto lotion, even better

ate out at a chinese diner.
night fix: neutrogena facewash, greenacnfwash, neutro toner, tto night lotion. lazy today.

i <3 my grandparents. whenever they come, my brain switches to Taiwanese mode. tia bo ying gee ga go gee
I love guess except I really don't like their style of purses. I'm not very into the metal knockers and faux shiny leather.. After 1.5 hours of people watching at the airport today. I noticed that many women around the age of 30-50 own coach bags. specifically brown and black colored.

June 29, 2010

Oh the games we play

When I was nine.. all I wanted for Christmas was a monopoly set. To think now, I really dont understand how the concept of fake cash and building houses around a laminated card board seemed that enticing to me.  I remember when I actually got the monopoly set, I felt like the luckiest kid alive.  Let me clarify at this moment that I do not love money like crazy. I just like counting it.. JUST KIDDING. Honestly, I think it was the fact that the game didn't really HAVE  an ending but rather was a circular path. A familiar setting. Comforting.  And even when you run out of money, you can count on your fellow playmates to lend.  I remember reading the FAQ's  so thoroughly that I still remember some trivia. Did you know the inventor of Monopoly was unemployed at the time he created the game?  It was during the Great Depression.

Anyway, I wanted everyone to play monopoly with me. my mom, my dad, my sis, my aunt.  Unfortunately, I think the only person that I successfully, and painfully recruited was my sister. Poor thing :P  So imagine my surprise today when my mom exclaimed "Hey we should take out the monopoly game to play." I think my heart stopped for a second.

I really wanna elaborate why, but I'm as tired as heck. I think ill go to bed considering its 447AM. so stay tuned!

[edit] im too lazy to type more.. sorry :) [/edit]

REVIEW: Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer

You know whats my favorite sound? The sound of marbles clinking and swishing next to one another. So crisp and so unique. There really is no other possible way to replicate it verbally or by text. I guess hearing the sound gives me the same feeling as the sound of someone biting into a crisp delicious apple. mmmmmm. Except even better, because it's ongoing (if you swish 3 marbles around without stopping. ) Because of this, I carry 3 marbles with me at all times. So I can whip em out when I am stressed and calm myself as I listen to it.

JUST KIDDING (that last sentence)! Now before everyone starts thinking i'm a freak, let me explain. marbles are marbles. They sound good, but they are glass. Useless. I've recently discovered something else that makes the exact same noise when you clank multiple items of these together... NAILPOLISH BOTTLES!! and what's even better about this situation? Nailpolish bottles contain nailpolish!

:: angel cry song:: I LOVE NAILPOLISH lalalaa~~

so a few months back I was scanning the aisles at CVS with a buy $25 Save $5 coupon when something shiny caught the corner of my eye. Milani had introduced this holographic nail laqcure collection. That can look THREE D. There was a multitude of color selections: HD silver, 3D gold, Hi-Tech green, Cyberspace blue, Digital pink, Hi-Res purple.OH EM GEE... i was downnn..

Yet it still took me over 5 months to end up purchasing 3 bottles of these at $4.49 each. What can I say.. I'm thrifty?

So recently I just bit my tongue and glared at my wallet and decide to throw down some 13 dollars for 3D, Cyberspace and Hi-Res. and boy I am pleased. As far as consistancy it took me about 3 coats (for 3D) for the nailbed to be completely hidden. There was no streaking and the glitter effect was AMAZING and truly holographic under certain lighting. The polish dries fast and smooth to the touch. Best of all, even without a top or base coat it actually lasted over a week for me with minimal chipping near the cuticles.


Gold: My first buy,  beautiful sunny tone yet a bit clashy for my skintone (NC40).  Might look better on people with a Warm skin tone. Great consistancy and applies the most with the least amount of strokes (compared to Hightech and Cyberspace).

Hi-Tech: The color is a bit washed out with silver. But  3+ coats will do the trick.  The purple is a faded royal tint. Looks Glorious.

Cyberspace: Total Avatared out, very holographic. My favorite out of the three.  Word of caution is that  multiple coats are needed, or else you might just end up looking like you have glittery bruised fingernails (as Jen says).

Last but not the least, why did I choose these three colors?  Simply because I am fans of 2 different teams!
Go Lakers!!    Go Bruins!!

day 2

sleep 2AM wake 830AM

morning fix: neava face wash. tto toner, tto o.s. , b.s. moisturizer.  - 1 hr- spf30+evenbetter mix , mayb matte.

frozen grapes

subway chicken sandwich. 6 inch. water.

1/2 subway chicken

wash neutrog ttowash

brocolli and rice  fish.  kumquat drink

night fix: tto ton, ttomoi, tto o.s. , ClinDMoi

Accomp: Shadow, Gave letter butch, clarity, book bak

真的  A.Z. 不要忘記

June 28, 2010

my father was sporting raybans before you were born.

Yes mam. My father was sporting raybans before you were born.  During my break today I went though some photo albums hidden in the dusty cabinets above our washing machine.  And I discovered several things:

1. Fashion evolves but also cycles.  High waisted skirts/shorts, ray-bans, big glasses, skinny jeans, flats. As my boyfriend once mentioned in his chart topping song, "what goes around comes around" (JUST KIDDING).  Maybe this is a clue that history repeats itself? Maybe. Just please ...no 70 styles... fro do's give me the chills. Almost as bad as those john travolta jeans. But I digress.

2. My mother and father had a western/european style wedding along with an asian one where they wore traditional attire.  The latter I knew... but the former I was quite surprised about.  Let me tell you. Looking at pics of my dad in a tux/bowtie and my mother in a European full lengthed red gown was a bit traumatizing.  As in ... "OMG THEY WERE STYLISH ONCE?" ;) With all the love and respect in my heart, I wonder... If a half black half indian person married a half white half asian person in Mexico.  Would they have 5  different themed weddings?

3. I LOVE FERRETS. they are so cute so cute sooooooo cute.  I love I like.  If I had one, I would name it BOW. How can you ever say no to this face: click,  and you know what's cooler? I've seen one with my own naked eyes before. Proof:

I think this made my day... and OH OH. my mother was sporting over sized sunglasses before you all were born as well. ohhh

just kids :)

The Regimen begins

morning: bedtime 2am. wakeup 1030. facewash nevea. tea tree toner. tea tree oil on spots. menthuletum SPF.

noon fix: clinique gel lotion

lunch: almond milk. strawberry and peaches. 2 slices of oat and wheat bread I think i got food poisoning :( therefore water for lunch

a sausage patty, half a french toast. 1/2 cup oatmeal.

dinner: broccoli rice and soup, few pieces of meat

kumquat drink.

evening fix: neutrogena wash , DDF glyc 5% wahs,  neutrogena toner, teatreenightlotion, tea tree oil on spots, clinique gel lotion


asian moms are da bang!

mom looking at clothes in our bag to donate:  gina will u ever wear this ::holds out lONG heavy denim skirt (to ankles.. yes, to ankles)::

g: no i wont, you can donate it.
mom: are you sure?
g: yaa I dont think ill ever wear it
mom: but its still new though with the tag still on
g: yaa, but I dont think ill ever wear it,I dont even know whose it is and why it was in my closet in the first place.
mom: does it not fit?
g: well.. it's because I dont really think ill ever wear a long denium skirt like that. thats why I put it in the bag
mom: sure?  what about during winter time
g: no I will just wear jeans then
mom: so it doesn't fit you?
g: I'm not too sure, but basically it will just waste space in the closet because I won't wear it, and it's not mine. thats why i put it in the donation bin
mom: etc
g: etc
- 4 min overlap-
mom: hrmm.. okay then, ::puts back in original bag::

total time usage = 8 min.
total tasks accomplished= 0

June 26, 2010

let’s make “eye” contact.

Original Entry posted on the 22nd of June:

In the past 4 days i’ve been growing quite fond of swimming. and jacuuzziing

so noice. but usually  in the jacuzzi, I end up talking to 70 year old grannies who live nearby and talk about their successful grand sons and daughters.

Yesterday I met Tamara, who lives apparently slanted across from us. She was surprised had we lived there … for 18 years already.  Due to my family’s constant avoidance of any meetings or socials in “____ ______ homeowners Association”, we barely know our neighbors .  Anyway, I told her I just graduated two weeks ago.. to which I was congratulated upon.  Next she was like ” So what is your upcoming plans” …. ::long shpeel follows:: I learned her daughter graduated from stanford. :: clap clap:::  and is a doctor now in Chicago. And she has two sons.. blady bladhy snoree..

Anyway, this whole time, I had no glasses on.  And so, I was nervous cuz I didn’t know if I was looking at her head, her eyes, mouth, her neck or her bathing suit for that matter.  I gauged my eyes to the area of where her eyes probably were.  hahha All I knew from the blur was that she was a caucasian eldery lady. So after a 30 min convo, I hear my dad calling us…. so I tell her my sis and I probably should go. And I put on my glasses to find that she is a good 3X smaller than I imagined (blurr made her much wider).  And her voice matched her looks.  [/endpost of June 22nd]

Now at this point, there might seem like there is no purpose in my entry. And I thought so as well... that is, until I went back to LA

Three days later, I went back to my apt in LA. I forgot my glasses and only had my contacts. So every night after 11, I would be in blind mode. During this time, I asked my roomates to see if I was looking at their eyes when I was talking to them in my blind state.  Both of them said I had completely misshot their eyes by several degrees.  My "eyecontact" was in actuallity a very intent stare at the space right next to their eyes, or at their nose etc.

In conclusion, I'm sorry Tamara! If I ever see you again, maybe I will tell you the reason why I was staring at your nose or eyebrow the whole time during our last conversation.

June 25, 2010

the 761 then the 750.

The last thing on my mind Thursday night when I went to bed would be that the ext morning, I'd be going to Universal CityWalk.... by bus! It took us one bus switch and two good hours, but we got there! If anyone ever thought LA Bus drivers are mean... think again.  Not only did they direct us with the correct way and route, Tiff and I got 2 complimentary rides because we didn't know that day passes are not purchased on the bus.  We each had an unbreakable five dollar bill so the drivers were kind and told us just to take the ride.  I have to be honest when we first set out on our adventure, I was only 60% sure we would get there...  somehow in the back of my mind I felt we would just give up and go back the same way we left LOL.  But we made it!

 Hey, four years of UCLA education put to great use. I know how to ride the Metro now!

June 21, 2010

delicious lies

It's 2AM and I should be sleeping but im up... doing nothing. Today I learned not to get chocolate dipped Altoids cuz its LITERALLY chocolate dipped Altoids. HAHAH Naturally, because it's fatter, there is less total in the tin... therefore, slight waste of money. Craving for one? Eat a Hershey's Dark candy bar and an Altoid at the same time.  (This is what I do when I have cravings for chocolate covered dried cranberries.) mmmm delectable!  Yes I know. My taste for sweets are exquisite.

June 20, 2010

ice cream bars make you fierce.

My dear father and sister after her orchestra concert.

Keep in mind he is holding an icecream bar on his right hand.

June 17, 2010

beautiful cookdown

feast your eyes!

I know a lot of friends who would eat along with their apartment mates each night.  The concept sounds so cute, however this would never work for TMG. We have our own schedule, food, and eating style. Yet on the second to last day of us all living together (amidst the hustle and bustle of apartment packing), we decided to have our first and last TMG dinner... topped off with white wine.

Purpose:  Refrigerator clean out.

Location: TMG Apt 12

Style: Ghetto Picnic.

DELICIOUS & Magical. Plus... the Lakers won Celtics later off that evening.... this must mean something as well.
koed after filling our tummies

June 16, 2010

Princess for ONLY the day

Because my mom is a teacher. We the most random things in the house. Today she came by and said "Gina, you are my princess"   Then she propped something on my head and told me to keep it on for a while. 5 minutes later, the ADD in me had me taking a look at what the heck was on my head. I saw this.  how cuteee! Except for the fact that it was ONLY for the day.  No way! I was born a princess. I'm a princess EVERYDAY.

::note major sarcasm in my voice :D ::

June 15, 2010

Hello Beginnings!

On this bright monday morning when I should be drafting my letter to my professor for my rec, I cannot help but imagine how different life is about to become. Today, 3 days after I crossed the podium into the “Alumni” status, I feel a bit overwhelmed. I have just begun to realize who I am 4 years really isn’t that long) when I’m suddenly set free again. Interestingly enough, the freedom from midterms, projects and finals is the worse feeling. Thank goodness I still have a purpose in knowing what career I’m aiming for, or else I really might just go bizzark. I’m in a synaptic cleft, like a neurotransmitter trying to get from axon to dendrite… and really it’s ALL up to me to bridge this transition smoothly.

I’m gina. At the fresh age of twenty-two, I just graduated college. Blogs are nooooo new recipe for me as I have started writing journals at the tender age of 8. I actually am fairly proficient in web designing and have owned a handful of domains and made several websites thoughout my past youth. But this blog was made with high hopes in content, not layout. I do currently have another private blog that I was planning on expanding upon, but decided against… it’s way too private with entries from 2004. I am applying to school this year and am slightly stressed. Therefore, this is why I need a public outlet. Hopefully at this time when uncertainty prevails, I can work on my mediocre composition skills (what four years of science courses does to you) and give others who are in the same shabang as me a zone of relativity.

I love abstract art , digital photography manipulation (I refuse to get a dslr and instead highly prefer photoshopping my point-and-shoot camera pictures, until they get to dslr quality), story book reading, skincare, fashion, color palettes, listening to music, writing checklists, and pensive talking.

I worry about my life, my connections with friends after I graduate, family, my relationship with ppl, my application stats, my skin care, whether the next earthquake will strike, whether my cellphone battery will die.

And throughout this year of waiting, I hope to cover these topics in my blog: my be<3ed camera and thoughts about it, struggles with image, my view of friends and life, worries about applying and future, product reviews, random thoughts, nailpolish swatches, junkfood, music and music videos I love, and a multitude of other things. I’m hoping the conclusion of this blog will be me getting acceptances into schools one year later ( 1/31/11 edit... I've decided to continue this blog indefinitely despite my first acceptance ... as this outlet has become a part of me!  =) )

…but like my dad says, hopes are always just dreams unless you actually start taking action. And that applys to both what I hope this blog will become as well and as my applications.

With that said, I’ll continue to draft my letters.