July 02, 2010

REVIEW: MAC blot powder vs. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

If you have oily to combination skin like me, shine in the T zone is usually a problem in the summer. For a while, those oil absorbent sheets were really popular, and I did get on the bandwagon, trying the green tea papers, clean and clear blue plastic-y ones. In my opinion, the blue one were the best, (and most popular) but the downsides existed of course as it would take off makeup base, and you are left with a gross piece of trash.

Several years ago, I discovered a the MAC blot powder and since then it has been my HG, suiting as a setting and mattifying powder in one. Recently, 2 main reasons spawned me to look for an alternative: 1. Price of Mac was hurting my wallet as I had gone through a good 4 pans in 3 years. (And lost one) 2. The color wasn't exactly right as it gives off a whitish sheen under flash photography. So I finally decided to take the opportunity and give Maybelline Dream Matte Powder a try.

So after 3 weeks of trying out the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (MDMP), and 3 years of using Mac Blot Powder (MBP)... here are my comparisons.

Price: MDMP
MAC: whopping around $25 dollars per compact. I really wish they sold them by pans though. But save your compacts because Mac has a recycling program!
MDMP: wins by farrrr as it is drugstore. It's around $10 Dollars, but CVS = coupons as well.

Color: MAC
I'm a medium dark in Mac and Beige Medium 2-2.5 in the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. Both are known to be somewhat sheer in color and basically transparent. DO NOT USE THIS TO COVER BLEMISHES. These covers ZIP. NOTHING. If you are looking for coverup, get something else, this is strictly for shine. I realized teh MDMP tends to give off a lil grayish sheen after application, whereas Mac gives off a more whiteish sheen.. both isn't really the best, but I'd prefer a living-white color thank you. Also, Both tend to blend off light foundation lines as well.

Staying power: MAC
MAC: Usually lasts me at least 8 hrs...
MDMP: Lasts maybe 4 hours.. But does it's job somewhat well. Keyword Somewhat

Case durability
MDMP: The pop-up top plus swivel mirror/puff holder- concept is cool, however it's a handful to handle (take out puff open top, use, swivel bottom close, close top) at the public bathrooms... especially if you are a sanitation freak like me and refuse to let any personal items touch public bathroom sinks and counters. The plastic case honestly feels a bit flimsy, maybe because there are so many different joints on the little thing. I feel like if I drop the case, the case might break before the packed powder does. Powder hard to get out, but maybe it is because puff is flimsy as well.

MBP: easy pop up top, bottom.. Although I did wish It had a seperate location for the puff like in their studio fix powder... which however would also width to the case... give or take. Compact made from the signature smooth black Mac plastic. In my 3+ years of using it, the compact has never broken before. Very sturdy and sleek. And it's not an embarassment if it drops out from your purse during a date since it looks like a sleek flying saucer.

Puff Durability:

MBP wins by far... can undergo VERY GENTLE washing... key word: VERY GENTLE.
MDMP: no washing, can break by itself.

5 minute Swatch Test: (Picture on Left). Used a darker foundation so the application location can be more visible. Picture taken without flash after 5 minutes. As you see MBP is a bit more mattifying then MDMP. I guess if you are going for the immediate dewy look MDMP for you... but keep in mind it will shine more later as well.

Suggested Application Method:
Use a kabuki or powder brush if used as a regular day setting/ oil control powder. Because it will look more natural. However, if you are planning on sweating a lot during the day, use the puff.

You get the bang for your buck but MDMP is amazingly good for the price. My suggestion, get both, and use MAC if you are planning on going to important events or on vacation, but if for everday work and school, MDMP will be saving your wallet from crying.

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