July 11, 2010

Irvine in a day. 85 degrees & BDC

Yesterday the fam went on a day's roadtrip to Irvine. Twas mucho fun.  Initially we were planning on going to taiko... and I was excited because they had those cute stores next to it where I could possibly buy some Totoro items... however in a last minute decision switch, we decided to go to BCDs.  My first time there!

 Yum.   I got the "non spicy one" michelle would not be proud :P  But then I decided to mix it with my dad's mild... so it looks slightly more authentic :)

Then we went to the 85 degrees cafe. The cakes were amazingly cute... thank goodness with Sophia's tip on no photography, I was able to (sneakily) snap pictures of the gorgeous looking pastries.   ;)
Something I realized is that in order to make anything adorable, all you really need to do is put a strawberry on it.  I think almost all the cakes in their shelves had a strawberry on it. It's  both the shape and color and everything... other fruits must be jealous. I mean...even though mangosteens are super expensive,  if you put it on a cake, I don't think it will be as attractive. 

Andy told  me I should get the Sea Salt Coffee So I ended up getting it. Was gooooddd. But not SUPER special. 

nom nom nom on my way back.

ta ta for now!

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