July 17, 2010

day 18: Hi world!

I am booked until December :)

call me thennnnnnn

<3 geeners

sleep2 wake 9
night fix: tto ton tto night moisturizer, duac, clinique dmg.
morning fix: tto wash, tto ton, tto lotion, p
afternoon fix: green tw wash, tto ton, 123lotion. tto o s
night fix, tto lotion tto ton, tto night moisturizer.

cups 1 water, 2 htea, 3 htea

Think my future day time routine will be
1. wash, tto toner,  123moisturizer, spf,  Even Better(if going out), setting powder.

HG's so far is the Neutrogena deep clean, 100%caffiene Eye cream, Mac Blot ... im HOPING the tto ton will be so, but not 100% sure yet.

Think i'll be using the Neutrogena toner, The week after my period since I probably need less blemish combating properties then.

LOL.. so much skin talk.

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