July 30, 2010


>> entry moved to my own zone.
yet still a numbing still in my chest.
too stressed about my future.

July 28, 2010

The W Clothing Swap.

I saw on yelp that there is a Summer Clothing Swap going on at the W in Westwood. The Concept seems really fun and really interesting


Now IF i had a car definitely I would go. I have too much like-new clothes that I don't wear.  I'm always looking for new mixes.  I wonder how the swapping system will work however... As the thought of 20 ladies diving towards this one dress another girl doesn't want anymore seems slightly unruly.

Lately, a lot has been on my mind.  I mean, I'm always questioning and wondering about certain things, but I've also been thinking about whether I am doing the right thing that I want in life.  Is this the career I WANT to go in? I have my interests and I'm definitely up for challenges.  But... I don't know.  The thing that worries me is that I cannot place what I'm scared about. I think I'm just at the rate determining step of my life for like chemical reactions... and I need to go over this silly but imperative "bump" in my life.  

July 25, 2010

Nail Color and What's In My Purse

Had a bit of a nervous breakdown today right after I took my practice exam... but not too bad though. I went on aim put "FML." as my status and then proceeded to shower away my worries.  nothing a warm, refreshing shower can't cure.

So yesterday I found out how much of a nailpolish addict I was to the point that I recognized my friends nailpolish from her... get this... FACEBOOK PICTURE. lol.. oh gosh.

Mixed a bit of the Milani Blue (Cyberspace) with a Rosy Pink nailpolish as undertone.  Result is gorgeous, take a look.  I guess it can kind of substitute for the Digital-Pink Milani Holographic that I ended up not buying.

I honestly don't know the brand of the pink nailpolish I used underneath, its a matte dark rose color. The bottle is absolutely brandless... I think I got it in a set. But once I figure it out I'll post it up. The middle finger has 2 layers of Milani as topcoat, whereas the rest all just have one. What is cool about this mix is that the color looks different depending on your lighting... savvy for those of you that change fav colors based on moods.

now for an updated what's in my purse...

1. Purse, I like it because it stands up right... purses that slouch to a side gets me really frustrated beacause it's SO HARD to see what you have in it.
2. Wallet (I like mine thin and coin free! See 3)
3. I think this is THE cutest coinholder Because It has a little analog clock on it!  I can't stand loose change in my wallet because I feel it is really unsanitary and makes the wallet unnecessarily fat. This coin purse solves my problems!
4. Bus Schedule... no car... bus... no more needed to be said.
5. Contact drops for contact wearers!! I wanna reward myself with lasik once I get into school.
6. Mini Mirror/ Brown Shadow Pallet
7. The makeup bag that came with the TBS Tea Tree Oil Mini Set.  I don't carry much makeup so this size is perfect for me.
8. Portable Purse Hook! Soo useful for resturants.. I think I'll blog about this in another entry
9. Cheap $8 Oversized Sunglasses from Charlottes Russe.  I have this thing with Oversize sunglasses. I think mini frames are really taky.  and I totally don't know if this is medically true but I feel that the sunglasses provide spf for the skin that it covers as well?  Lol I might be completely wrong.
10. Sephora Lipgloss M bought me :) Shade: Rosy tint. It smells soo yummy. A bit sticky, but I still love it.
12. Victoria Secret Hand sanitizer.. "Pure Seduction". I use this EVERY SINGLE DAY.. it smells amazing and makes the germaphobic me happy. It's also really hilarious when guys need to use it.
13. heaphones for my ipod! 'nuff said
14. Flashcards to study -___- le sigh
15.  Pouch to put my random stuff. I love organizing my stuff... and I can't stand purses that have it's contents littered throughout the bottom.. I need an organizer bag and this one (where I got as a GWP at Clinique) is perfect because it's super light and cute.... also in my fav color too.
16/17. Cellphone and cellphone sock. Samsung U900. This is my love and hate.  I'll explain in a future entry.
20. Cute sparkly purple utility knife from Claires. SOO useful for when I need to use scissors or a knife to cut something.  Theres a useless toothpick as well.. Although the tweezers come in handy too. I left these in my purse one time by accident while going through airport security and I was so said they made me throw it away.  (well... obviously though :P) So I bought several the next time I saw them. I looked like such a teeny bopper.
21. My planner
22. Notebook
23. Key's and USB cord.  Now I live at home.. I don't have my own apartments keys anymore :(

Wow I didn't even notice I had so many things, in my purse.... 23?!!  And that's not counting the random candies an Junk I put in.  Although I'm pretty proud that I don't keep a lot of makeup in it though.. just necessities. Oh.. I forgot I usually would have Mac Blot or some blotting papers. :)  But really, the organizational bags makes everything so much more compact. See:

im bored, so i'll play highbrow.

Hrmm.. bored.  what to do?
aha I know,

overdramatic metaphors are fun!

A century's worth of notes makes it the longest goodbye ever.  But as new happenings emerge each day, it can can fade away slowly. further and further down until it is swallowed into the past pages of my life.   Just like titrations in chemistry lab.  Too little acid, you are too distant from the equilibrium point, but overshoot the acid, and the solution  changes color, ruining all that time it took to get yourself to the current position.

hahaha did this sound overly dramatic? If so, then I weeen!

Just for kicks!

July 24, 2010

REVIEW: DiorSnow Pure UV

Got this about 6 months ago on the airplane to taiwan. Pretty expensive, but my friend had recommended it saying it was a good base/primer as well as a sunscreen all in one. My friend has a lighter skin then me, and it gives a nice sheen to her skin tone. To me however, it gives an obvious whitish cast that is very apparent in flash photography.  It doesn't feel very oily, however for me I need to put a setting powder over it or it will give my skin a shiny finish... which I hate. Texture is on the creamy side and the smell is pretty nice.  Tubing is really slick so those with paler skin could probably keep it in their purses and apply based on need throughout the day.  Personally, I just couldn't take the white cast.  A bit too expensive for my taste as well although it didn't break me out.

Slight Sheen

July 23, 2010

all about music...

shameless plug of my fav song at this moment

Empty Streets - Late Night Alumni

The city feels clean this time of night
Just empty streets and me walking home
To clear my head
And though it came as no surprise-
I'm affected more than I had guessed
By what was said

the lyrics are quite transcending... 

On the topic of music, I found that you can download an album of songs from Starbucks Music Here: http://www.frappuccino.com/itunes

Offer ends August 31. It's an eclectic mix of indie alternative and chillout. hehe if it's free ... might as well check it out?  I like the song Rocket.. :)

July 22, 2010

day 23

EB: 11
sleep 4 wake 11ish?
fm:ttow, tto ton, CDDG, duac OS

Although I think I am going to put all my runthroughs on my private blog now. I don't want this place to be cluttered with random schtuff.

Today I am reminded once again.  Without health, nothing else is important.
Love your body, love your soul

July 21, 2010

day 22: starbucks ladies nice? yes. genuine? uncertain.

sleep 2 wake 9


My life these days can be summarized in 2 words


I stare at a blank cubicle at the library trying to cram my brain every afternoon… and usually, I am also reminded of 1. the sound of babies crying and 2. how hard library chairs are.

Bliss comes around 6-7pm each day when I trudge over to the nearby Starbucks and recieve a daily verbal compliment from the barista as they make my tea latte. They train their workers well.

At first I thought they were fairly genuine.. which I'm sure they SOMEWHAT are.. but then I realized it's more catered towards customer service.  Which is fine. I love compliments, and it's a daily dosage of confidence.. NOMNOMNOM. (ok that sounds gross.. and it was ment to be a joke.)   Anyway. I think I'll start listing them down for kicks because some of them don't make sense. [B: barista]

Thursday's Compliment: B: I like your bag a lot. G: Uh.. Thanks! (referring to my old atlas bag)

Tuesday's Compliment: B: Your earrings are so cute! (they are hello kitty) G: Gee, thanks! I just got them yesterday. B: My boyfriend wears those too! G:huh? ohh.. your boyfriend? B:Ya, my boyfriend! G: Oh that's cool..


Today's Compliment: I like your shirt..... a lot. (the ... denotating around 3 seconds later... awkward.)

July 20, 2010

day 21

happy 21st... post

wake 730, sleep 12ish?

going to drmo at 230. maybe i can find something suitable.
its just not fair that something that comes so easy for others is so hard to obtain for myself... as I have been trying for about... 6 years.

Anyway. A lot shall be done today. I'm gonna check em off my checklist from yesterday

mf shall be done maybe aorund 11. im too tired right now.

mf: tto toner w/ cotton ball
Left 123 right TTOL

July 19, 2010

Tiny things

What is it exactly about tiny things that make it so cute?
So I was studying yesterday when my sister poked me on my shoulder.  Not knowing what was up, I simply flicked away her am.  A few minutes later, I noticed I had a little sticker stuck on my arm.   

Immediately I thought "OMG SOO CUTEEE".  Now that got me thinking.  If she had stuck one of those huge "Hi my name is" stickies on my arm with the same words, I might have just thought she was strange, and the present situation as annoying.  Same thing with paper cranes. Fold me a regular sized one, ohh okay. Humongous sized, omg.. huge, what a waste of space.  Tiny sized, "omggg sooo cuteee." ::keep::  Same with sandwiches. Huge ones, "nom nom!?" Regular sized ones "wuteva". Mini Sandwiches "Omgg so cutee".  Same with laptops.  Has anyone ever described someone's 17inch laptop as really cute?  Probably not, unless it was completely pink and blinged out with hello kitty and unicorns... then maybe. But in that case, another comparison would probably suffice.  Anyway,  I just wonder.  What is this obsession with linking  adjective "cute" to small things?  We humans are uniformly weird.  But I love it.

Oh, and I kept the sticker on for about another hour.  Cuz... I mean,  since I'm already cool, why not just emphasize it more.  (joking:P)

day 20

My mom is going to have such an awesome summer :)
I'm really excited for her :)

morning fix: tto wash, tto ton, 123, sunscreen , powder.

proof that my attention span needs work:

alb  2:58 am  smirking is a very strange expression
me 2:58 am  ppl stare at me
alb 2:59 am  you shoudl just show ur teeth
    and smile
    smirking is creepy
me 2:59 am  LOLLL
alb  2:59 am  it can indicate that you're plotting something against someone
    or you're a facebook creeper
    or you're a pedophile watching child porn
me 2:59 am   are u full asian?
alb 2:59 am
me 2:59 am lolol
    no its like
alb 2:59 am  please rescind that question
Keep in mind that my friend LOOKS and IS completely asian.  No but really,  to back myself up.  I was listening to my mother and sister talk about our grandpa. Basically, I have a bit of dutch in me ... therefore my question to alb was catered more as in ancestor-wise.  Nevertheless, when I reread the convo, I sounded extremely ADD and off-topic. "thanks for listening friend" :P jk.

July 18, 2010


had mcd's for lunch

wake up 9 sleep 1ish?

dayfix: tto ton , 123, hourglass, maybmatte

origins mask
night fix: ne utrog deep clean, glyc 5% wash,  tto ton , tto night m

July 17, 2010

day 18: Hi world!

I am booked until December :)

call me thennnnnnn

<3 geeners

sleep2 wake 9
night fix: tto ton tto night moisturizer, duac, clinique dmg.
morning fix: tto wash, tto ton, tto lotion, p
afternoon fix: green tw wash, tto ton, 123lotion. tto o s
night fix, tto lotion tto ton, tto night moisturizer.

cups 1 water, 2 htea, 3 htea

Think my future day time routine will be
1. wash, tto toner,  123moisturizer, spf,  Even Better(if going out), setting powder.

HG's so far is the Neutrogena deep clean, 100%caffiene Eye cream, Mac Blot ... im HOPING the tto ton will be so, but not 100% sure yet.

Think i'll be using the Neutrogena toner, The week after my period since I probably need less blemish combating properties then.

LOL.. so much skin talk.

July 16, 2010


wake 8 sleep 1130pm

morning fix: nv, tto ton, tto facial lotion, clinique youthsurge spf15,

In other news, How ridiculous is this?!  Good thing I was watching a good dose of Wongfu productions on youtube or else I would have gone bizirk in within the lapsing hour.

July 15, 2010


When something is bothering you a lot and it seems to distract you from everything, just think:  When you are 84 years old and look back upon this matter, will you still be regretting or bothered by this?  If no, forget about it. If yes, first understand that what is done is done, and then proceed to resolve it to the best of your ability as soon as possible.

Time doesn't wait and motivation doesn't last long.

I have a feeling when I finish everything.  I'll just sit on my bed, cry for eight straight hour.  Then I'll take a  cold shower, and start over anew.

Because right now, I'm stuck in the middle. 中間.

中間- 梁靜茹  Don't look at the music video. Just listen. 

day 16

sleep 2 wake up 7
morning fix: greentw fw, mentuletum spf30, hourglass found, MMP.  oopss... forgot ttos.

tai fu lunch
night fix: nva, tto ton, ttonight moisturizer.

July 14, 2010

Two totally related things.

I just chopped off a good 5 inches of my hair... and it is still amazingly long.

In other news, everytime I send off a LOR request, I feel like a mom sending my precious baby off to some fieldtrip or something.

day 15: Yogurt deck and Runthrough

sleep1 wake930

morning fix: ttowash, ttoton, tto lotion.
good food today
grape seed peel max
night fix: neutrog toner, tto ton, tto night moisturizer PBP, clinique night moisturizer.
tea: 12,3

On a TOTALLY related topic (haha)... After I camped out in the back of a previa for almost 2 hours yesterday... (I actually got ALOT done), I was overheating, so took my sister to yogurt deck.
It was my first time there so I had fairly high expectations. This is why, some of the aspects were surprising to me. You know when the self serve machines don't have teh angled opening for the icecream to come out it, and it ends up comes out in like cylindrical shapes that reminded you of poop?  hahah Yogurt deck had that... Other than that minor annoyance the staff was pretty friendly.

Food wise:
Water melon was the best... everything else was OK. Coconut had an interesting sour tang to it... as well as the vanilla.  Everything was on the less creamy side (in comparison to Yogurtland.)
They had SO many candy toppings though, it reminded me of Sweet Factory and a Yogurt Shop in one. I really liked that.

July 13, 2010


slee 2 wake 9
was too late for 10AM
2 slices of pizza dumplings
morning fix: neova wash, tto ton, even better,

nigh fix: neutrogena face wash tto toner, tto o s, tto moisturizer

July 12, 2010


sleep 4 wake 12
last night topped it off with PBP
morning fix: tto cleanswer, tto toner, tto lotion
afternoon: PBP
toasted corn with butter and corn and tea, carrots
night fix: tto ton, tto nmoisturizer

TEA: 12345

July 11, 2010


mom: i need to eat less... need to diet
g: ohh okay
mom: I should start eating more mexican food
g: why?
mom: cuz I don't like mexican food... i'll eat less

LOL :)

Irvine in a day. 85 degrees & BDC

Yesterday the fam went on a day's roadtrip to Irvine. Twas mucho fun.  Initially we were planning on going to taiko... and I was excited because they had those cute stores next to it where I could possibly buy some Totoro items... however in a last minute decision switch, we decided to go to BCDs.  My first time there!

 Yum.   I got the "non spicy one" michelle would not be proud :P  But then I decided to mix it with my dad's mild... so it looks slightly more authentic :)

Then we went to the 85 degrees cafe. The cakes were amazingly cute... thank goodness with Sophia's tip on no photography, I was able to (sneakily) snap pictures of the gorgeous looking pastries.   ;)
Something I realized is that in order to make anything adorable, all you really need to do is put a strawberry on it.  I think almost all the cakes in their shelves had a strawberry on it. It's  both the shape and color and everything... other fruits must be jealous. I mean...even though mangosteens are super expensive,  if you put it on a cake, I don't think it will be as attractive. 

Andy told  me I should get the Sea Salt Coffee So I ended up getting it. Was gooooddd. But not SUPER special. 

nom nom nom on my way back.

ta ta for now!


sleep god knows when wask 945
crappy mood, messed up skin.
morning fix: tto wash, tto toner, tto lotion.
night fix: tto wash. tto ton, tto lnigh lotion

July 10, 2010

day 12

sleep 3 wake 10

ugh. last day reg reg fell apart or somethign happend.
gross UGH. so pissed
mia is bad for me, no more.

night fix: neova, tto ton

morning fix: neova, tto ton, tto mois

ugh EFF. plus 4

July 09, 2010


The Hills:
I'm so sad the hills is almost over :(:( I'm going to miss it SOO MUCH. I have to say Kristin was really brave in confronting Brody about her feelings and situation. I felt that brody was taking the opportunity just to laugh at her face and i DOUBT he has a serious girlfriend. He needs to wake up and realize how stupid he was to reject Kristin. Poor girl.... although I have to say this was like the first time on the show I saw her so vulnerable looking before. I sympathize completely.

The City:
In all the past seasons, I use to be on Whitney's side when there were quarrels between her and Roxy. Even at the beginning of this season, I felt that Whitney was correct in calling Olivia a  "bitch".  Yes, the fashion industry is tough, and it's a dog biting dog world. But recently, I think she took Kelly's word too hard. You are suppose to be forceful to others... NOT to your own friends!! Roxy may have a strong personality, but she was ALWAYS behind Whitney's back in terms of clothing production etc.  In the last few episodes, I really didn't understand why Whitney was SO pissed off at Roxy over the whole situation with Lights.  Are you f**king serious Whitney?!! Lights is obviously a grungy-rock singer. Who wants to rock on stage WHILE playing music on th keyboard in a stiff preppy coat. You are in high fashion. High fashion and rock/pop don't match. Please learn some music entertainment sense. No.. just learn some common sense. Seriously? Roxy already tried SO HARD for to get Lights to wear the jacket already, and it was already very apparent from the beginning that Lights didn't like the Whitney Eve line.  You are lucky she even wore it for a few seconds and a picture was able to be taken.  Having the huge blowout with Roxy is completely uncalled for... to the point where she has to move out. Not only that... what is wrong with Roxy looking for apartments. She's not your child, she doesn't need to tell you everything she is doing. You need to get out of your own little world where you think everyone loves your clothing line. Because honestly, it's not that cute.  I think your designs are set for a small subpopulation of tall females with either light or very dark skin.... aka yourself.  From your look book, I feel that rainbow patterns don't work for middle toned people like me... and I can easily see a person looking washed out from the colors. Just like you should think of Roxy's feeling when you are working with her, you should think about the rest of the population when you design clothes as well.  LC is a better designer in my opinion. Roxy should just move out and start working on the show productions with Kelly. She seems to have a lot of potential.

With that said... Lights is pretty cool... the music video for "second go" must have been extremely fun to make... too bad youtube wouldn't allow embedding for the video... but this is another awesome recording as well! :D

LOL... oh gawsh... sorry for my The City/The Hills Rant. I become a different person after watching the shows each time :)

this is another amazing song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMIfbsUyKZc

day 11: it's all about self restraint [26]

sleep4 wake 1020
morning fix: tto ton w/ cotton pad



found an old picture I took during sophomore year of college of "what's in my purse"
not toooo much has changed.

I'll post an updated one soon...

New layout in process...

Started making my layout today... it's sooo gorgeous! I love getting back on my old track :D
Too bad I'm too busy right now to do everything all at once. Boo... In other news, let's talk about hair.

Hrmmm... thought about cutting my hair. Getting wayy too long. I didn't even notice how long it was until I saw the picture above.  Oh shotss.. what a waste of shampoo. But then I saw this really easy bow hairtie tutorial... and that made me rethink the cutting. I think I might try it sometime for fun... of course I won't wear it out :P

And this song is REALLY catchy... " He ate my heart..eh eh eh.. he ate my heart eh eh eh "

Also. today I already thought it was amazing when I sent my friend a video of a snake eating a humongous egg.
but he topped me by, sending a video of a snake eating a hippo. back. LOLLL

I wonder if snakes ever get indigestion...

July 08, 2010

day 11

sleep 1:01AM wake 8:54AM

clean slate mac blot... yes.,. BEFORE any fixes. House appraisal guy came.

morning fix: neutrogena deep clean, neova, tto ton, tto lotion, clindamycin

i love my flats! Bought them at top shoes.
nail color: china glaze. for audrey.
pants: DIY high waisted purple jean shorts
confidence: 8.6/10

July 07, 2010

day 10

sleep 230 wake 9

morning fix: twgreen wash, tto toner, even better mixed with aveeno spf, MDMP
breakfast pancake sausage hashbrown lil egg
lunch chinese food

afternoon fix: neutrog wash, orgins mask, steam , neova wash, tto ton.
Last night I watched highschool musical for teh first time. It was amazing! I don't know how or why I hadn't seen it before... but zac effron.. omg :) I cannot wait for Charlie St. Cloud to come out.

err... why is the screenshot so awkward? LOL!

night fix: neova wash, tto ton, tto on spots, tto nm.

In other news, look at this picture I found of ghira! She was sooo tiny before!

mmm Mangosteen.

So approximately 8 months ago, when I was cramming for my winter quarter finals at school, I decided to procrastinate and look up random fruits online. (typical). I landed upon a site describing a peculiar fruit native of Thailand that was magical “inside and out” and packed full of antioxidants. Enticing? Yess.. *click Click*. So after much googling, I found that this fruit, the Mangosteen, is apparently it is under quarantine and not available in the states for fear of flies? More googling and I found a wiki page and a website dedicated JUST toward the fruit.
Basically, afterwards I told myself I would jump at the first chance I could to try such a fruit since it was so rare in the states.

So imagine my surprise three days ago when my aunt brought home not one, not two, but a BAG of Mangosteens. My recognition process was kind of hilarious actually… like when you sell books on facebook and remember the buyer from their profile pictures the first time you meet? That was like me and the mangosteens. A pleasantly slo-mo process of “omg.. are you?,, WOW.. YOUR MANGOSTEENS, your tiny!!?” recognition process occurred in my head as my aunt took them out of her shopping back. They were apparently very expensive, but my aunt bought them anyway. The fruit itself looks like hard purple persimmons, each tattooed with an “asterisk” on the butt of the fruit. They reminded me of pokeballs… version 2000.

So imagine my surprise three days ago when my aunt brought home not one, not two, but a BAG of Mangosteens. The fruit itself looks like hard purple persimmons. For some odd reason the astrick on the "fruit butt" made it look like some sort of cartoon.. like pokemon balls LOL.

I wowwwed! (literally). Then proceeded to snap many pictures, before I realized that maybe I should probably eat it as well.
Taste Verdict? ehh... OK. It was delicious, but I think I had wayyy too high expectations for it. The texture is a bit like lechee and dragonfruit, but the flavor is completely different. There was no hint of sour but rather complete sweetness. The meat of the fruit itself seemed to seemed to taste like a combination of light apple, peach, and pear, with a bit of a mango pungency. It's really indescribable…. but also not exceptional. The flavor was definitely A LOT mellower than I had thought it would be. Therefore, if I ran across it again I probably wouldn’t bother buying it, unless it was on sale. Either way, one thing off my checklist ;)

July 06, 2010

miu miu lux bow satchel.

Feast your eyes on these... arn't these the most gorgeous things you've seen in a while. They even have two bows on each side. Large and roomy enough for work. Stylish enough for any day's event. Too bad they retail up to over $1000... crazy waste of money. weeps :( I'd get an iphone before this, thank you. Actually, I don't want an iphone.. um... but you get the idea. As for now, it's always okay to eye goggle! LOVVES!

ps: There's even a site dedicated specifically to this line! --> http://forum.purseblog.com/miu-miu/all-about-the-bow-satchel-318138.html

day 9

sleep 2am wake 9
day fix: shower, tw greenwash, neutrog ton, bare minerals mixed w/ 3 drops tto

It's actually day 9.. lol accidentally had two day 6's

I think from now on I'll put a random (Pic/music/video) of the day in my runthroughs as well... so as to make these a little less boring :)

lunch, riceandmeat

afternoon fix:rtto cleanser clinique duac

night fix: glycolic wash, tto ton, tto night lotion

random of the day:
my wink/tounge sticking out fail... LOL
that was a fun day

July 05, 2010


How's the lovely shade of hazel on my hair? Gorgeously ... digitalized. I use to despise asians with dyed hair, but have since changed my mind within this past year. My two best friends both have dyed hair, and honestly... it looks really good! Sometimes color can make a huge difference. Take Jessica Alba for example... plain Jane with regular dark brown hair. After her highlights, her features were enhanced. BAM, media sensation.Many a times I was in CVS scooping the shelves full of haircolor... I would picked up a box, call friends to consult... thennnnn slowly go in line. But everytime,, the chicken in me still prevails. Not just fear of the wrong color, also because I don't want to stress my hair. After getting it straightened I really try to stay away from hair heat... this INCLUDING hairdrying... This is why it takes over 4 hours for my hair to completely dry. What an inducer for colds. But then I think my head should be use to it by now. Nevertheless, in terms of color, photoshop can give me a preview. Whew... or at least satisfy my curiosity in terms of physical outcome. Hrmmm... should I or should I not.

It's one thing to swim in the pool, and another thing to dive in. Last night was an amazing experience. I cannonballed into the pool after steaming in the Jaccuzzi for 30 minutes. I think the last time I did so was about a decade ago, and for those few minutes, it did shead a decade off my age. Like the 12 year old in me, wow. SOOO refreshing... as you jump into the pool and the splash drinks you in, water envelops you like a cooling hug. Pulling all the heat and worries away. You grab on to your legs for dear life because that's all you have to hold. Touch is trusting and secure. Fetal position. Your vision blurs along with the bubbles and foam. And your world looks an endless blue. except the hazy yellow light at the bottom of the pool, so close yet so far away. If you ball down deep enough, soon, all you wonder is when your head will bob back to the surface. Calming because you know you will soon, calming because water is all you hear.... Yet in anticipation because your breath is lingering... you remember you can still breath out. bubbles. You break the water surface, and air. life. wow... Not saying I like to hold my breath for the exuberance of breathing... but it is pretty amazing if you think about it. Almost topping firework watching in the jacuzzi.. but maybe I'll elaborate on that in another entry.

day 7

sleep 114am wake 900

morning fix: neava, tto ton. tto lotion, tto o sp, vitElot.

blogger transitioning in progress...

July 04, 2010

day 6

sleep 2AM wake 10AM
morning fix: neava, tto ton, vit emoi, even bet, MBP,

breakfast: buffet style eggs porrage steamed broccoli, salmon, lotza fruits

lunch: amazing chinese food frog lobster crab sea anenome and a bunch of stuff

dinner: dominos edamame icecream soda
I had never noticed it before, but my nailpolish collection is actually quite extensive! This is give or take a few.

watching fireworks from the jaccuzzi is an amazing experience. Have been swimming for a bit, but cannoned balled for the first time in about 10 years... Priceless experience. Think I'll do that more in the future

gonna give my skin a rest today

night fix: some scrub, neutrogena toner, tto on spots, tto moisturizer

herbal packet, vitamins

Bye 6-9

July 03, 2010

A moment in time: Graduation

Graduation. A stepping stone to the next stage of life.  To be quite honest, wasn't THAT important to me, told my parents about it 4 days before.  It was more of a fieldgoal, rather than an ending score.  But I had a great time taking pictures.
Since I never got to post up the pictures I took for graduation, and today is a busy day... I figured what the perfect oppurtunity to do so!

Waiting in Line for the Grad to begin. White tassle is Psychology, Yellow Tassle is Psychobiology

Peering though the fences as the first of the grads walk in. The ground was damp and muddy and I was praying my heels won't get stuck

"don't loose shoes.. don't loose shoes" Spencers trippy hat consisted of 1. a supreme comic, 2 a picture of him and jocelyn and 3. 2 playing cards. I felt bad for whoever was behind me. My cap was a boring black!

Field was gorgeous that day!  As hard as it is to believe, this picture took me the longest. tried to gradient the sky

My favorite out of the whole set.  There was this (very clever) student that brought a bubble gun.  buubbbleess!!

Doing the "spencer pose"

CPR Save a life. My fellow instructors and I

candid laughters

Psychobiology <3

Not my balloons but worth a shot :P

Picture my sis took when i was adjusting a bobby pin in my hair. haha

All pictures taken on my Kodak easyshare M341.  Photoshopped with PS7.

day 6

3am sleep 2pm wake

oh gawd its already 3
afternoon fix: neava wash, tto toner, tto o.s., vit E moist.
cousins coming tooodayyyy

been writing up entries but no time to really complete it

dinner: alot of yummy thing.. bbq partayy

evening fix: even better, MDMP, MBP

night fix: neutrog washX2, tto toner, tto o s, tto night lotion
ugh messed up last few days, too much sugar

July 02, 2010

REVIEW: MAC blot powder vs. Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

If you have oily to combination skin like me, shine in the T zone is usually a problem in the summer. For a while, those oil absorbent sheets were really popular, and I did get on the bandwagon, trying the green tea papers, clean and clear blue plastic-y ones. In my opinion, the blue one were the best, (and most popular) but the downsides existed of course as it would take off makeup base, and you are left with a gross piece of trash.

Several years ago, I discovered a the MAC blot powder and since then it has been my HG, suiting as a setting and mattifying powder in one. Recently, 2 main reasons spawned me to look for an alternative: 1. Price of Mac was hurting my wallet as I had gone through a good 4 pans in 3 years. (And lost one) 2. The color wasn't exactly right as it gives off a whitish sheen under flash photography. So I finally decided to take the opportunity and give Maybelline Dream Matte Powder a try.

So after 3 weeks of trying out the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder (MDMP), and 3 years of using Mac Blot Powder (MBP)... here are my comparisons.

Price: MDMP
MAC: whopping around $25 dollars per compact. I really wish they sold them by pans though. But save your compacts because Mac has a recycling program!
MDMP: wins by farrrr as it is drugstore. It's around $10 Dollars, but CVS = coupons as well.

Color: MAC
I'm a medium dark in Mac and Beige Medium 2-2.5 in the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. Both are known to be somewhat sheer in color and basically transparent. DO NOT USE THIS TO COVER BLEMISHES. These covers ZIP. NOTHING. If you are looking for coverup, get something else, this is strictly for shine. I realized teh MDMP tends to give off a lil grayish sheen after application, whereas Mac gives off a more whiteish sheen.. both isn't really the best, but I'd prefer a living-white color thank you. Also, Both tend to blend off light foundation lines as well.

Staying power: MAC
MAC: Usually lasts me at least 8 hrs...
MDMP: Lasts maybe 4 hours.. But does it's job somewhat well. Keyword Somewhat

Case durability
MDMP: The pop-up top plus swivel mirror/puff holder- concept is cool, however it's a handful to handle (take out puff open top, use, swivel bottom close, close top) at the public bathrooms... especially if you are a sanitation freak like me and refuse to let any personal items touch public bathroom sinks and counters. The plastic case honestly feels a bit flimsy, maybe because there are so many different joints on the little thing. I feel like if I drop the case, the case might break before the packed powder does. Powder hard to get out, but maybe it is because puff is flimsy as well.

MBP: easy pop up top, bottom.. Although I did wish It had a seperate location for the puff like in their studio fix powder... which however would also width to the case... give or take. Compact made from the signature smooth black Mac plastic. In my 3+ years of using it, the compact has never broken before. Very sturdy and sleek. And it's not an embarassment if it drops out from your purse during a date since it looks like a sleek flying saucer.

Puff Durability:

MBP wins by far... can undergo VERY GENTLE washing... key word: VERY GENTLE.
MDMP: no washing, can break by itself.

5 minute Swatch Test: (Picture on Left). Used a darker foundation so the application location can be more visible. Picture taken without flash after 5 minutes. As you see MBP is a bit more mattifying then MDMP. I guess if you are going for the immediate dewy look MDMP for you... but keep in mind it will shine more later as well.

Suggested Application Method:
Use a kabuki or powder brush if used as a regular day setting/ oil control powder. Because it will look more natural. However, if you are planning on sweating a lot during the day, use the puff.

You get the bang for your buck but MDMP is amazingly good for the price. My suggestion, get both, and use MAC if you are planning on going to important events or on vacation, but if for everday work and school, MDMP will be saving your wallet from crying.

day 5

sleep 630am wake 11:41am
morning fix: none.. clean like crazy
afternoon fix: tto cleaner, neutro toner, tto lotion, cliniquegel moisturizer, tto o s

lunch: melon pop.
dinner: fish and rice, some asian soup
blueberry smoothie.

bought so much food for july 4th partayyy. excited!

vitamin packet
herbal packet...
bowl of grapes

night fix: tto clenser, scrub, tto toner, duac o s , clin moisture

yesterday and the day before was super easy.. today was a bit harder cuz saw a lot of reminders as I was cleaning. poo

July 01, 2010

time capsule.

4:59 AM My room is a time capsule of everything from elementary school up to my high school accomplishments. Everything seems nostalgic for me, but more in a pleasant and reminiscing manner until i found the papers to my acceptances to all the colleges.... and then the UCLA orientation and welcome week flyers from freshman year. Seeing those definitely hit me in a different matter. And I think I felt a pang of unexpected shock. I can't believe my undergraduate career has completed. Suddenly, I feel old, like time has sped ahead but left my thoughts in the past. My view blurs and warps. Starry eyed.

Starry eyed (Jakwob Remix)- Ellie Goulding.


thinking about switching to blogger... before when i had my own host and domain, I had used wordpress as my publishing platform... therefore, could customize the themes to my own liking. Now that I don't have such anymore, I'm only limited to the themes wordpress has. hrmmm..

[edit] WEEEE!!! applied for subdomain hosting.. hopefully i get it.. trying to dig out all the networks and links and everything I had from before college.. sigh it feels so great going back to my old hobbies.. 4 year hiatus was WAYYy too long. It's kinda scaryyy. cuz I think about content and layout and stuff to expand on sooo much now.. this was like back to me in middleschool/hs. wtf! i love it. haven't been this hobby-happy in so long :D [/edit]

Famous words by jenny, plus a song. hah

First off.. andy sent me this link... it's HILARIOUS!

Next, here's an awesome song:

On a completely parallel note (not), my nicknames ranges from G to geener to genah to geener weener to geena weena to geena bobina to gina choochoo to giina (yes "eye" sound -___-). ANYWAY, when it comes the most eclectic names, my sister is the champion.... Almost up to par with dear m who gave chucumber and clam their infamous nicknames :) Except my sis is known to make "enduring ones" ahem... cutie poo and such.

Today Jen said "I gave dad a country nickname"

me: what?
Jen: guess!
me: chile?" (I dont know why don't ask)
jen: " no.................................... cuba" (CU-BA)



haha.. and then life moved on.
That's my jen!

I have no clue what happened to my eye. Ever since last saturday, I haven't been able to wear contacts or eyemakeup. It's kind of red around the iris. I look like a vampire. maybe it's a sign I should watch Twilight.


THE night we met! FOUR YEARS AGO!

This April, How time flys :)

day 4

2am sleep 10:40 wake

morning fix: acfregreen tw wash, tto toner, tto o.s.

something smells good, mom and grandma awake already.

gotta organize everything so i can then study efficiently. g2 call xtina
bfast: 稀飯 steamed veggies, 肉鬆, salted egg. <-- hehe.. nice asian bfast now that the grandparents are here
afternoon fix: clinique spf15 youth surge, even better, mayb matte

night fix: neut ton, tto on. s. , tto night moisturizer
a bag of m&m, sweetened dried cranberries, starbux frap
dinner: bucca debeppo