July 19, 2010

day 20

My mom is going to have such an awesome summer :)
I'm really excited for her :)

morning fix: tto wash, tto ton, 123, sunscreen , powder.

proof that my attention span needs work:

alb  2:58 am  smirking is a very strange expression
me 2:58 am  ppl stare at me
alb 2:59 am  you shoudl just show ur teeth
    and smile
    smirking is creepy
me 2:59 am  LOLLL
alb  2:59 am  it can indicate that you're plotting something against someone
    or you're a facebook creeper
    or you're a pedophile watching child porn
me 2:59 am   are u full asian?
alb 2:59 am
me 2:59 am lolol
    no its like
alb 2:59 am  please rescind that question
Keep in mind that my friend LOOKS and IS completely asian.  No but really,  to back myself up.  I was listening to my mother and sister talk about our grandpa. Basically, I have a bit of dutch in me ... therefore my question to alb was catered more as in ancestor-wise.  Nevertheless, when I reread the convo, I sounded extremely ADD and off-topic. "thanks for listening friend" :P jk.

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