September 29, 2010

He that can have patience can have what he will.

-Benjamin Franklin

The Seeress Prophecy- Achillea

This is not good. breathe, breathe.

September 28, 2010

the map is accurate yo

Please Don't Go - Mike Posner

Oh gosh, entering the second night of less then 6 hours of sleep... I have to wake up tomorrow at 7!  But I guess I stayed up for a good cause... haven't exercised my poster drawing skills in several years, so this was fairly refreshing. I couldn't remember the last time I used glitter.. oh wait, i didn't use glitter here.  Too lazy :P

September 26, 2010

candy jewelry and leggings

Jukebox:  Rue De La Paix - Zazie

My fleeting junk food-free diet seems to have ended without my knowing. Just last night I cleaned all this out of my purse.... an accumulation of two days worth of candy-on-the-go. Dammit 3-Musketeers mint. You are the best candy I've had in a looong time.  I don't know if I should be amused or what. In other news... I've been loving the vinyl looking leggings I bought from Taiwan last winter. Been sporting them almost every few days. Extremely comfortable..and it doesnt make me feel like im wearing no pants either as regular leggings would. haha. One more accessories tadbit.... so after being in a "XL Watch phase" for almost a whole year, I've recently been into slimmer accessories. Adore this watch. Hopefully this phase will last.

September 24, 2010

A reminder that it's okay to pause, smell the coffee, and enjoy life as it stands before you

Jukebox: Love Love Love - Kiwi

I wouldn't consider myself to be an impatient person, however I do try to hurry when I have inspiration in my mind. Such include meticulously crafted letters that beckon for recommendation requests. Outlined in the very nerves of my brain, they were itching to be transfered through my fingerprints and on to a safe place. No, I don't trust my memorization skills that much... yet. So, here I was in a slight hurry when I encounter that awkward moment we all try to eschew. The moment, when two patrons arrive in front of one door at the same millisecond. Who gives, who takes? Luckily, this time it was pretty obvious. The pepper- haired man before me was middle aged and sported gold spectacles. On his right ear hangs a bluetooth, left hand holding his sleek iphone... he looks up at me and smiles. "you goin' in?" I hold the door as he slides in... and I hear a series of clicks. A loose bolt or something tickles the rims each time his wheelchair wheel spins a full rotation.

He arrives all by himself on a Friday afternoon to enjoy the sunset at the coffeeshop by the cliffs. He orders a tall iced coffee and pastry of some sort. The barista takes time to round his way from behind the counter to set up the table for the man. Newspaper-- check, Napkin--check, and it begins. With arms thinner then a child's forarm, ossified not due to age but possibly disuse... the man caresses the pastry with both hands and ever so slowly lifts it up to his lips. Each motion arduously timed, each movement exhibited as if the air was made of viscous substance.

As he savors his first bite I notice a faint smile. Perhaps the pastry was especially delectable this afternoon.. but I think he simply found happiness in completing the task all by himself. How many of us take time each day to appreciate things we are born with .... not just things we obtain?

Either way, as I sit here with the affectionate sun rays melting on my knees, I feel peacefully content. Not necessarily due to accomplishments... because heck, I have a freaking long to do list waiting for me to check off. But yet, I'm breathing, warm, and safe ..... best of all, I still have 2 hours and 11 minutes left on my laptop battery

September 23, 2010

My do list from 7 years ago.

Jukebox:  Paper Planes- MIA

Found my entry on xanga that features  my "To do list by 20"  written when I was 14... now that I'm 22, I was curious to see which ones I have actually completed. It's amazing to see how much  I (have and/or have not :X ) matured since then :P

I crossed out the ones I have accomplished, and added some italicized current remarks.  The ones I will continue to try to fullfill... let's say.. by the age 26.. I'll bold.

thursday, september 18, 2003

To Do List
I was talking to a few people the other day, and they mentioned to me how highschool is suppose to be the last Fun, and carefree years of your life, everything else after that is all adultish like. So, after being inspired by a few ppl's xanga entries (jenny ), im gonna write down a few list of things I wanna do by my 20th birthday.

1. drive a motorcycle

2. go sky-diving or scuba diving.

3. Learn how to play pisoy.. SUNNY and KIM, TEACH ME!!!!... and egyptian war

4. get good scores on my SAT's and 4's or 5's on my ap tests that stuff.

5. get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night continuously for a whole month.. a school month.

6. get a domain web name

7. be able to do like 20 fortes (i think at one point i could do around 12.. ehh good enough

8. make a piece of clothing, my design, my sewing.. everything.

9. be in a good college

10. make a cake from scratch

11. learn to read Chinese enough to read a whole newspaper and know each and every word.(Although maybe not a newspaper now, maybe just most words from an entertainment magazine ;) )

12. ride a camel or an elephant

13. go back to connecticut for vacation, and find my old house.

14. go to japan and find my old house.

15. Stay in Taiwan for a long vacation and go to the "yeh Si" night market every night.

16.get good grades

17. get my ears pierced

18.learn how to make a web using FLASH

19. invent something does a bug stand count?

20. get Tina and Jenny to visit me for a vacation instead of me going to taiwan to visit them... same goes with Jamie and Johnsan and christina... and maybe jennifer.

21. Kick ????  (lol... I REALLY dont remember who the "???" refers to)

22. like my schedule.

23. Know how to drive

24. Learn how to fence.  or just at least try it once.

25. Collect all the state coins. I should have all of them by now, maybe ill take time in the future to gather them up

26. Write something and get it published.

27. Stop forgetting ppl's birthdays.

28. Be fluent enough to chalar con mi jardiner en espanol. im happy with my mediocre spanish now. I want to learn more japanese actually. 

29. Ima copy blessing and say I wanna learn how to surf too. oh and snowboard.

30. learn the secret of the magic trick gina k, and molly showed me when we went to catalina.

31. find and buy a shirt that says Gina on it.. not like printed on .. like an already customed shirt that says that.

32. be able to answer correct all the questions on one episode of "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" I consider this childish... no. I would never want to spend time doing this now haha able to eat a lio-lian. (that spiky brownish fruit that has this distinctive oder. :-p)

34. Speak taiwanese without an accent

35. Read Les Misrebles and watch the oprea again

36. prank call someone

37. learn how to arch likewise as before.. just trying it and I'll be happy.

38. Beat the highscore on my calculator's Tetris game, (highscore include Sunny's 14035 and Lara's 13461) pfft childish

39. Find out what a voodoo doll looks like.. and do NOTHING with it.

40. Program a computer program .. hmm.. does JAVA mini fish programs count? if Compsci AP counted... maybe i can cross this off. lol

41. have a conversation with a parrot childish..

42. be able to write okish with my left hand.. (be sorta ambidextric)  as childish as this may seem.. I actually still want to do this.. although I'm afraid it will be quite a waste of time.

43. build a treehouse and sleep in a for a night..

44. be able to handstand for 30 seconds no thanks. lol although I want to re-gain my splits back. I lost the ability to do them 2 years ago :( damn college.

45. make a TI-83 program by myself

46.sell something or auction something off on ebay  I cannot believe i still haven't done this!

47. make icecream   Just did that this summer! I am a proud owner of an icecream machine!!

48. Find a replacement for a teddy bear that got its head mutated.. AHEM!!! COughLauren! lol! WTH is this?! no!

49. *shall be kept a personal ambition*  I forgot what this was..

50. and so the list goes on and on.. etc.. etc.. etc..

Music and Chocolate.

Jukebox: Leona Lewis - The Best You've Ever Had

After a "LONG" hiatus... a whole summer with minimal chocolate/ sweets intake.... I CANNOT RESIST IT ANYMOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I CANNOT STOP EATING CHOCOLATE AND OTHER CANDY. YOMMMMMM I tried, I tried really hard. Then... because I wasn't eating any candy, I started chewing more gum... but it wasn't as satisfying.. theres no substance LOL. So what fomented the recent intakes was because my mother bought several bags of sweets while I concurrently discovered two bars of Dove Chocolate in my purse that I bought for myself nearing graduation. Now... I'm staring at 4 empty wrappers in front of me.... and in my head lingers the 3 I ate yesterday... and more I ate the day before. But I'm not resisting to a crappy diet that I had all my life. I'll still try to avoid processed food as much as I can... but I'll okay myself with a few fun-sized bars of chocolate each day.

dark chocolate good for the heart anyway ;)

September 21, 2010

Maybe this is why I cannot hear through my headphones!

Jukebox: Yesterday- Leona Lewis

My friend always manages to screenshot my oddest moments as I webcam -___- LOLOL.  Anyway, another sleepless night has gone by as I surrender my precious time to memorizing whimsical information that really is not pertinent to my future.  Such include the pillars to "success" (with definite quotes) etc etc.. none of which that pique my interest.  Memorization is a skill that needs to be honed but differently depending on the individual.  After six years.. it's about time I master my own techniques that fit my needs. Ya.  What a painful night of cram... although I have encountered worse. I think my skills just needed to be sharpened again.  Although this all could have been avoided if I had not put precedence on good company.  But I do not regret my decision. I had a great time, plain and simple.  On a completely different note, according to to two of my closest friends... I have a distinctive way of expressing my emotional state as "OK" when I'm actually not... usually I become extremely quirky and hyper... unconsciously hoping that the state of "ditz" can obscure my frustrations. And it's funny... how I actually captured that on camera this time in my private blog with just my best friends. I shall scrutinize my apparent convalescing  manners after class tonight... perhaps I shall change my stress coping methodology.

September 16, 2010

Can't u just change it with a click of the mouse?


breakfast on a monday morning

Mozerella sauce on a hefty omlete? unheard of! The last time I actually ate breakfast at a restaurant probably was during my dorming days.  This is why I jumped at an opportunity to try out Marmalade for breakfast this week. Seen as my last encounter with them was lackluster... although mainly due to my own food selection, I was still curious to test give their grand breakfast selection a try. With my capricious personality, I couldn't decide between omelette's for the longest time... They all looked so tasty! I finally decided to settle for an Italian omlete topped with slices of swiss cheese. mmmm delectable :)  Nothing more enticing then food along with good company!

September 14, 2010

A E I O U and sometimes Y

Alb: I sht down my computer
Completely for the first time
Me: sht?!
shit or shot
(cuz they are verrrry different)
Alb: Shut....
Me: oh

And no, at the moment, "shut" didn't come to my mind at all.
How despairing!  I only had six letters to choose from too... shyt!

Louis Tivoli GM

OMG. this bag is beautifullll and it has feet! I've always been a sucker for bags with feet because I have this peeve against putting bags on ground. I think its so unsanitary. Then, it has an adjustable strap so I can hold it like a Speedy or shoulder bag... AND best of all, it has a full body zipper and is spacious enough (the GM version)  so I can stash documents but not worry about items falling out like the Neverfull GM. 

Now I just need to earn enough to buy it. puahaha

September 13, 2010

strike me a match please

Burning tea warmer candles
It wasn't until I lit a match for a bunsen burner today when I realized I hadn't done so in a really long time. Maybe several years?  There is just something different between clicking the button on a lighter versus striking a match head on a pebbled edge... and it further reminded me of the Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Anderson. Fearing castigation by her father due to unsold matches, the little match seller stands on the street alone on the last night of the year. Finally, she begins striking her own matches to relieve herself from the frigid biting air.  Unexpectedly, each flame burgeons into a soothing scene.  This is just like crying.  A liberating catharsis..

...but when tears evaporate and flames turn to ash, the indelible reality always resurfaces. Troubles are still troubles and nothing has changed.

September 11, 2010



喔... 黑夜 就算不知道出口是什麼模樣
我會繼續的前往 掙脫了綑綁 主宰心裡頭的天光
喔... 黑夜 就當不知道失敗會是怎樣的重量
這小小的舞台 有我大大的夢想

green brown black

mmmmmmmmm.... currently eating beef tofu and rice.  This is something i CANNOT live without and is one of my all time favorites.  So, I can't stand wearing jeans lately... and since I can't fit any of my jazz pants anymore... the only other more "formal" alternatives I have for going out  are shorts and skirts (not too suitable for the fall), and leggings.

I know plenty of people that can wear leggings just fine... with a t-shirt. but SERIOUSLY... whenever I do that, I just feel like my outfit is screaming "HELLO EVERYONE I'M WEARING NO PANTS" yaa..  I don't know.. maybe it's because the fabric is thinner... because even though it doesn't necessarily look that way, I definitely feel extremely self conscious. haha.... and it doesn't help if the free VS underwear you happened to wear that day was bright pink too... lolol  annnnyywayy so, I've found a good alternative... which I'm sure was already common everywhere else, but new to me.

Anyway, the picture basically explains what I've been sporting every fricking single day now for work, class, whatever. The BEST part is.... it's so comfy I can wear it to sleep. thank goodness I own multiple leggings and skirts.

Speaking of outfits... I've been putting my Pierre Dumas to good use as well =)

lol i know, my feet are gross. look at ze shooooees.

September 10, 2010

stop cleaning mr. tall asian barista boy!

g (5:01:30 PM): so u are at starbucks right now right?
mo (5:01:37 PM): loll yeah
g (5:01:43 PM): is the asian lanky guy working?
mo (5:01:49 PM): OMGGG
mo (5:01:50 PM): YEAHHH
g (5:01:50 PM): lanky body but
mo (5:01:51 PM): LOL
g (5:01:52 PM): cute facee
g (5:01:53 PM): OMGGGG
mo (5:01:53 PM): I NOTICED HIM
g (5:01:54 PM): hahahhahaa!!
mo (5:02:28 PM): i totally LOL'd
g (5:02:30 PM): but ya this one's cute, but i think he's kinda like ocd though
g (5:02:31 PM): HAHAHAH
mo (5:02:33 PM): =____=
g (5:02:43 PM): because he keeps scrubbing the floors
mo (5:02:43 PM): he's cleaning right now
g (5:02:45 PM): OMGGGG
mo (5:02:45 PM): OMGGGG
mo  (5:02:46 PM): LOLL
g (5:02:47 PM): OMGMGMGMOGM
g (5:02:55 PM): ISNT HE OCD?!?!!?
mo  (5:03:01 PM): LOLLLL

September 09, 2010

Three girly things.

1. It just occurred to me, that I have the most random things on my desk.. including (but not limited to) a gallon of apple juice, my ipouch, spoon, nailpolish, clutch ... egg?!!?

2. It's not the holiday yet but I've been sporting "Holiday Glow" by OPI.  The color is OK. Takes too many coats to become a solid.  and I havn't been really into darks yet. My mood is still summer-esque.  Here is probably a pic from day 4. Already smudging away at the edges... but then I don't have a topcoat on. I NEED TO VISIT AMY bahh...

3. The strap from my "staple" watch broke yesterday! So sadddd.. I wear this watch like 5 days a week at least.  I am well aware that the faceplate is basically the size of my wrist.. but ever since I saw an ad with AngelaBaby wearing a huge faced watch  I vowed I wanted one because the style really appealed to me... LOL. Hrmmm.. I wonder if I can buy replacement straps.

September 08, 2010

music and cars go hand in hand.

Jukebox: Hurts- Blood Tears and Gold
This screen shot is epic:

And the song itself is not too shabby.

Minus the weird leg shaving and sock wearing thing, I'd say this song and music video is one of my favorites at the moment!

Why arn't things going correctly? This state of torpor is keeeellinnngg me mentally. (figuratively... not literally lolol) I want to proceed on to the next step! Too many "business days" to consider. Paperwork. blah.

I feel like a soccer mom driving such a huge minivan.

Although sun-avoiding Asians in Previas are wonted... this assures me that I blend in somewhat.

Plus I have to say my maneuvering abilities have improved three fold as I tackle this immense box-on-wheels daily.

vroom vroom.

September 06, 2010

eighty five degrees of happiness

Passed thison the way to Irvine this past week.  I feel that the store spent more time and money maintaining the donut then the actual store. The donut was all iridescently shiny... the walls of the shop however, could use another coat of paint.  :P  Something is missing though. I think it's sprinkles.

Yay for reunionnnn!  Kaju tofu then 85 degrees. 

"Supplies!!!" :D

September 03, 2010

its 11, im so sleepy, and about to turn off the light

suddenly,  i feel hungry

sleeeeeep or fooood?

September 02, 2010

Cloudy with a chance of..... Luck?

Snapped this picture with my cellphone right as I was driving home.  (picture taken safely of course :X) Looks like the clouds are about to engulf my home.  Nature is so beautiful!

In other news... I LOVE GOOGLE CALENDER! it is my new (and hopefully lasting addiction) I spent the last 30 minute color coding everything. Look at how "colorful" my life is :P

yes yes, the background is none-other then Mr. Totoro himself!! 
<3 totoro

i screamed for icecream at 10 AM.

it's almost 10 am right now and guess what im eating, JUST GUESS.


time proof! haha  i look so gross.

Today is my free day. FINALLLYYYYYY... I still need to get a bunch of errands/ studying done though, so I shall be out of the house within 2 hours!

However, I celebrated the start of today with a big fat mocha almond fudge cone for breakfast.

I made sure to pack a lot of icecream inside the cone.

Don't it suck when you eat a icecream cone... and then you get to the bottom, and its just... cone? No substance. blah.

Anyway, this wasn't really a spur of the moment hhing.... as I already touched upon the matter during my unconscious state haha.

IN MY DREAM, I woke up, and went to the fridge to get out the icecream.  Then I open the cabinets, but I couldn't find the cone. Then I woke up in a state of disbelief that the cones were missing and had this huge urge to double check to see if they really WERE gone.

And they weren't. I felt triumphant.

claws a chippin... time to change a color. Perhaps brown to welcome the onset of September?