October 31, 2010

Stop! This must stop!

starting from morning until now, here is a comprehensive list of what I have eaten today.

- mug of hot chocolate
- sechwan noodle tv dinner
-baked vegetable bun
- roasted sea weed packets- 2
- fun sized  butterfinger-1
- fun sized milky way-3
- fun sized 3 muskateers-1
- slice of tiramisu cake
-shrimp and rice and broccoli
- a small bowl of mango icee
- eggroll
- banana
- tangerine
- alot of water

hmm. Now that I'm looking at my list....actually it doesn't seem THAT bad then. I think the immense amount of wrappers just scared me for a bit. But still.. I need to stop with all the chocolate. no wonder I keep breaking out. I BLAME THE HALLOWEEN SEASON.

October 29, 2010



reminds me of good timesss...

food... best friends... and  laughter... or lack of (in my case only)

"don't mess with me when i'm enjoying my cranberry mojito"

feast your eyes.

times two.

" Why so serious? So raise your glass if you are wrong In all the right ways"


October 28, 2010

Favorite People

I found this clip pretty thought-provoking... and it got me thinking. "Am I anyone's favorite person".  The first person(s) that came to mind was... my parents, but then on further contemplation... I negated that thought.  I reckon their favorite person would not be me... but rather their OWN parents... the one that provided food, shelter, love, and most importantly ... their existence. I really think that filial connection can be the strongest bond in "existence" because it's bound both physically (relation by blood) and emotionally (through nurturing).  Am I correct in thinking this way?  I've come to that conclusion because I'd say my favorite person is my mom and dad... because they have really impacted the way I think and act all these years.  (yes.. "person" I've melded them into "one" person for simplicity sake) LOL.  So anyway, years from now I hope I can be as positively influential to my future kids as my parents were on me... and perhaps then I'll also be their favorite person then. hahaha. Now I am just rambling.

woah... this was TOTALLY NOT meant to be a heavy entry. HAHA

On a lighter note, I'm looking forward to doing the following next tuesday.

1. look for a new purse!
2. look for a nice hairstyle. I want to whack off these long locks soon.
3. find a LBD.... oh wait.. I already have one.. haha "shruggg" don' mattaa
4. find a job to compensate for all my spending.... because I'm no prodigal!!

one more thing.. i'm really really really really really really REALLLLYY CRAVING GUACAMOLE RIGHT NOW. mmmm

October 27, 2010

dad says...

Jukebox: Sarah Mclachlan - Fallen

it's never too late to be successful
and success is not measured by what profession you are in

live day to day by:
  • planning tomorrow well, 
  • treasuring today’s opportunities
  • using time efficiently
  • learning yesterday’s lesson 
but most importantly: never regreting what was done

but why does it seem so hard?

October 25, 2010

Burgers... and some other stuff

Jukebox: 天后-陳勢安




Anyway, so my friend wanted to try out  The Counter  last week after seeing an article about it in the newspaper.  We decided to stop by for lunch to see what the hype was all about.  The concept is basically  to Build Your Own Burger... choices were extensive and.. mmmmm it was sooo good. I think i'm a savvy and health-conscious burger-builder because my creation tasted delectable :D

What I ordered:
  • 1. Sprouts <--- LOVEEE
  • 2. ??? cheese (the name sounded exotic :P)
  • 3. fresh organic veggies
  • 4. small beef patty
  • 5. tomato slices
  • 6. wheat bun
  • 7. sundried tomato sauce (medium)
  • mmmmmmmmm... I WANT IT AGAIN RIGHT NOW

Doesn't it look amazing?  There was sooo many choices for cheese and I really didn't know what to choose. In the end.. as per my friend's advice, I literally closed my eyes and choose the first one I pointed my finger to. haha  This was one of the first burgers I've ever eaten where I felt surprisingly un-oily after. Mind you I downed the whole thing within 20 minutes. 

Anyway, I wrote a more comprehensive review on yelp since I had been neglecting it lately. sadness

Enough "narcissistic" pictures of my own burger. Meet burger numero dos... my friend made me promise not to upload this picture online... but I made sure to just crop the burger... so technically, I'm safe.... right?!  hahaha  Anyway, had so much fun and my tummy was fulll.. I'll definitely be dropping by to The Counter again :D

Last but not least,
(she doesn't know this blog exists though :P )

October 17, 2010

Lovin' life ♥

nuff said.
ps. can you believe this was 10 dollars?

And in beauty related news, I think I will be able to pan 2 more items within the next few weeks. Yippee!

October 15, 2010

aha moment

i have a moth trapped underneath my clinique lotion bottle.
and I am afraid to pick it up.

October 13, 2010

Six things after a tiring day

1. I have huuugee headache :[ so I feel really crappy right now because I looked forward all day to playing L4D2 with my friend tonight... but now I'm wayyy too exhausted.

2. I love this song right now! Far East Movement Ft. Keri Hilson- Don't Look Now

3. My Body Shop Haul came! I'll do a review of the stuff I got later.

3. Today was hella fog during my drive home. In my eighteen years of living here, this was by far the worst fog I had to drive through.

5. The following is a cloying amount of sweets I discovered in my room.... usually within arms reach. Something tells me I should resume my "junk-food" free diet again....

6. Alrighty, off to shower.. perhaps that will help alleviate my current fatigue-induced delirium.

October 12, 2010

October 10, 2010

Happy 雙十節!

Jukebox:  Kokia - Arigatou

October 09, 2010

Project 10 Pan begins! Finished 3

Pan 1 & 2 : The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil line Lotion and Toner

Pan 3: Neutrogena Toner

October 08, 2010

Shoe bondanza

Jukebox:  Floating on the Moon- Michelle Shaprow

I will never be able to escape from the money-sucking wrath of westwood. My two recent guilty-purchases were all done there.  Last week, I went and bought an unnecessarily amount of underwear from VS.  And this time, I got some shoes.  Drove to Westwood again two days ago.. and I knew I was on a tight schedule so I forced myself to finish my necessary tasks first.... then I was debating on calling up some friends.... or.... shopping. Looked at my watch, had 30 minutes to spare before my free parking jumped the meter... "ahhh" hard decision, but I decided to I'd take that time to go shoe shoppin'!I don't think I've ever left  Top Shoes empty handed. They are like a little gem in Westwood with the best shoe deals for money-stricken college students... or I guess, newly grads, in my case.  Anyway, these are are my official new pumps for winter 2010-2011! I was debating between a dressy strappy pair or this, but in the end the leather and the zipper design stole my heart (and feet). As my friend humorously describes "It's like ooo a zipper, and then psychs you out when you realize it's the whole darn thing."  hahhahaa. my friends never cease to amaze me!    Too bad it is slightly too big for my feet. boo. Anyone know how to shrink shoes? lol. Nevertheless I hope I wear these well throughout the next few months.  However a sad news is.. that watch I was wearing 3 posts down? I lost it! Somewhere at UCLA :(((

October 07, 2010

get yo blogging on!

one of my ultimate favorite things to see each morning as I  turn on the computer or at night after a tedious day out:

ps. NEWSFLASH. I just learned that "emo" is shortened for emotional! Woah.. after years of using this word...

October 06, 2010

notes to self: daikon no no

1. i love mustard
2. i like pickles
3. i dislike ginger
4. i hate daikon with a passion

"The greatest things ever done on Earth have been done little by little."

 - William Jennings Bryan

Last night, I got a pleasant surprise after my tiring journey back from LA... checked my email and found my friend had got me Left for Dead and Left For Dead2!

 I've heard soo much about this game , and is now in major anticipation (and need) to start playing after I finish all my silly works.  Why a need? Zombie killing can relieve stress...doy. Indeed this was suppose to be a motivational gift as well... I think it has done it's purpose :D

I'm off to cramabam!

October 05, 2010


I'm starting to like the 5AM peacefulness.
Probably the only times at my house when you can hear the clock ticking.

October 01, 2010

My misspell was actually a typo

Jukebox: Stranger - Hilary Duff

me 8:01 pm         wait, thats not even a planet anymore
andy 8:01 pm     oh but pluto isnt a planet anymore
me  8:01 pm        HAH
andy 8:01 pm     jinx
me  8:01 pm        JINK
andy 8:01 pm     I WIN
me  8:01 pm        OMG.
                                 ONE SECOND DIFF
andy 8:02 pm     u didnt even spell jinx right

LA dessert adventures!

LA traffic is extremely crazayyy... although I've driven there before... yesterday was the first time I braved the journey to the concrete jungle alone.  Lost a few gut cells in Westwood and on the 405, but that was definitely worth it. Why? I had soo much fun catching up.  Wish I had more time to spend with more people however. Note to self: don't drive home around 6:30PM next time I visit LA.

At Emil's Swiss Pastry on Santa Monica Blvd!

I got the Chocolate Tower Mousse.... it was amazingly rich and delicious.. mmmm... but after eating half, I felt really stuffed.

michelle got a delicate fruit tart, amy got a delectable pear (cobbler?) 

Then as we were leaving, the owners of the Churros Calientes next door welcomed us to try out their coca drink.  It was their grand opening day so they treated us each with three dainty teacups of cocoa! mmmm

I ordered a CHurros Largo with their strawberry dip (They recommended dipping the churros in the cocoa as well. The churros there aren't regular ones u find at costco or disneyland. They are thinner, and definitly more crispy. There is a really distinct flavor and it was made right on the spot. SOOO Delicious.. I want some more! Although... after eating that, the chocolate mousse AND hot cocoa, I felt I had a lava of chocolate in my stomach. :P