July 01, 2010

Famous words by jenny, plus a song. hah

First off.. andy sent me this link... it's HILARIOUS!

Next, here's an awesome song:

On a completely parallel note (not), my nicknames ranges from G to geener to genah to geener weener to geena weena to geena bobina to gina choochoo to giina (yes "eye" sound -___-). ANYWAY, when it comes the most eclectic names, my sister is the champion.... Almost up to par with dear m who gave chucumber and clam their infamous nicknames :) Except my sis is known to make "enduring ones" ahem... cutie poo and such.

Today Jen said "I gave dad a country nickname"

me: what?
Jen: guess!
me: chile?" (I dont know why don't ask)
jen: " no.................................... cuba" (CU-BA)



haha.. and then life moved on.
That's my jen!

I have no clue what happened to my eye. Ever since last saturday, I haven't been able to wear contacts or eyemakeup. It's kind of red around the iris. I look like a vampire. maybe it's a sign I should watch Twilight.

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