July 25, 2010

Nail Color and What's In My Purse

Had a bit of a nervous breakdown today right after I took my practice exam... but not too bad though. I went on aim put "FML." as my status and then proceeded to shower away my worries.  nothing a warm, refreshing shower can't cure.

So yesterday I found out how much of a nailpolish addict I was to the point that I recognized my friends nailpolish from her... get this... FACEBOOK PICTURE. lol.. oh gosh.

Mixed a bit of the Milani Blue (Cyberspace) with a Rosy Pink nailpolish as undertone.  Result is gorgeous, take a look.  I guess it can kind of substitute for the Digital-Pink Milani Holographic that I ended up not buying.

I honestly don't know the brand of the pink nailpolish I used underneath, its a matte dark rose color. The bottle is absolutely brandless... I think I got it in a set. But once I figure it out I'll post it up. The middle finger has 2 layers of Milani as topcoat, whereas the rest all just have one. What is cool about this mix is that the color looks different depending on your lighting... savvy for those of you that change fav colors based on moods.

now for an updated what's in my purse...

1. Purse, I like it because it stands up right... purses that slouch to a side gets me really frustrated beacause it's SO HARD to see what you have in it.
2. Wallet (I like mine thin and coin free! See 3)
3. I think this is THE cutest coinholder Because It has a little analog clock on it!  I can't stand loose change in my wallet because I feel it is really unsanitary and makes the wallet unnecessarily fat. This coin purse solves my problems!
4. Bus Schedule... no car... bus... no more needed to be said.
5. Contact drops for contact wearers!! I wanna reward myself with lasik once I get into school.
6. Mini Mirror/ Brown Shadow Pallet
7. The makeup bag that came with the TBS Tea Tree Oil Mini Set.  I don't carry much makeup so this size is perfect for me.
8. Portable Purse Hook! Soo useful for resturants.. I think I'll blog about this in another entry
9. Cheap $8 Oversized Sunglasses from Charlottes Russe.  I have this thing with Oversize sunglasses. I think mini frames are really taky.  and I totally don't know if this is medically true but I feel that the sunglasses provide spf for the skin that it covers as well?  Lol I might be completely wrong.
10. Sephora Lipgloss M bought me :) Shade: Rosy tint. It smells soo yummy. A bit sticky, but I still love it.
12. Victoria Secret Hand sanitizer.. "Pure Seduction". I use this EVERY SINGLE DAY.. it smells amazing and makes the germaphobic me happy. It's also really hilarious when guys need to use it.
13. heaphones for my ipod! 'nuff said
14. Flashcards to study -___- le sigh
15.  Pouch to put my random stuff. I love organizing my stuff... and I can't stand purses that have it's contents littered throughout the bottom.. I need an organizer bag and this one (where I got as a GWP at Clinique) is perfect because it's super light and cute.... also in my fav color too.
16/17. Cellphone and cellphone sock. Samsung U900. This is my love and hate.  I'll explain in a future entry.
20. Cute sparkly purple utility knife from Claires. SOO useful for when I need to use scissors or a knife to cut something.  Theres a useless toothpick as well.. Although the tweezers come in handy too. I left these in my purse one time by accident while going through airport security and I was so said they made me throw it away.  (well... obviously though :P) So I bought several the next time I saw them. I looked like such a teeny bopper.
21. My planner
22. Notebook
23. Key's and USB cord.  Now I live at home.. I don't have my own apartments keys anymore :(

Wow I didn't even notice I had so many things, in my purse.... 23?!!  And that's not counting the random candies an Junk I put in.  Although I'm pretty proud that I don't keep a lot of makeup in it though.. just necessities. Oh.. I forgot I usually would have Mac Blot or some blotting papers. :)  But really, the organizational bags makes everything so much more compact. See:

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