July 09, 2010


The Hills:
I'm so sad the hills is almost over :(:( I'm going to miss it SOO MUCH. I have to say Kristin was really brave in confronting Brody about her feelings and situation. I felt that brody was taking the opportunity just to laugh at her face and i DOUBT he has a serious girlfriend. He needs to wake up and realize how stupid he was to reject Kristin. Poor girl.... although I have to say this was like the first time on the show I saw her so vulnerable looking before. I sympathize completely.

The City:
In all the past seasons, I use to be on Whitney's side when there were quarrels between her and Roxy. Even at the beginning of this season, I felt that Whitney was correct in calling Olivia a  "bitch".  Yes, the fashion industry is tough, and it's a dog biting dog world. But recently, I think she took Kelly's word too hard. You are suppose to be forceful to others... NOT to your own friends!! Roxy may have a strong personality, but she was ALWAYS behind Whitney's back in terms of clothing production etc.  In the last few episodes, I really didn't understand why Whitney was SO pissed off at Roxy over the whole situation with Lights.  Are you f**king serious Whitney?!! Lights is obviously a grungy-rock singer. Who wants to rock on stage WHILE playing music on th keyboard in a stiff preppy coat. You are in high fashion. High fashion and rock/pop don't match. Please learn some music entertainment sense. No.. just learn some common sense. Seriously? Roxy already tried SO HARD for to get Lights to wear the jacket already, and it was already very apparent from the beginning that Lights didn't like the Whitney Eve line.  You are lucky she even wore it for a few seconds and a picture was able to be taken.  Having the huge blowout with Roxy is completely uncalled for... to the point where she has to move out. Not only that... what is wrong with Roxy looking for apartments. She's not your child, she doesn't need to tell you everything she is doing. You need to get out of your own little world where you think everyone loves your clothing line. Because honestly, it's not that cute.  I think your designs are set for a small subpopulation of tall females with either light or very dark skin.... aka yourself.  From your look book, I feel that rainbow patterns don't work for middle toned people like me... and I can easily see a person looking washed out from the colors. Just like you should think of Roxy's feeling when you are working with her, you should think about the rest of the population when you design clothes as well.  LC is a better designer in my opinion. Roxy should just move out and start working on the show productions with Kelly. She seems to have a lot of potential.

With that said... Lights is pretty cool... the music video for "second go" must have been extremely fun to make... too bad youtube wouldn't allow embedding for the video... but this is another awesome recording as well! :D

LOL... oh gawsh... sorry for my The City/The Hills Rant. I become a different person after watching the shows each time :)

this is another amazing song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMIfbsUyKZc

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