December 31, 2015

Squeezing one in before 2016

10 hours left until 2015 can be wrapped up in a bow

Looking back and the defining moments for the past couple of years: 
2010 - Undergrad Graduation
2011 - Grad School Move across the US
2012 - Discovering my 'moneymaking' Career Interest =)
2013 - Graduation, moving back to the west coast starting my first job ever
2014 - Happiest year with a beau but the most stressful work year yet.
2015 would be defined as the year of travel:  Boston, Houston, Austin, Vancouver, Taiwan, Seattle, Las Vegas, Atlanta, SF, LA. I saw so much more of the world and enjoyed every moment. But aside from traveling, it was a year of self dilemma, uncertainty and stress. Still I think I've learned a good amount in the working realm. Despite being dealt some less than optimal cards, I think I've managed well. And for this I am proud.  

For 2016, have 5 resolutions to maintain 1. Happiness 2. High Motivation 3. Lower stress levels 4. Good Health and 5. Re-discover my old hobbies and passions... starting with this blog

Cheers to 2016