July 07, 2010

mmm Mangosteen.

So approximately 8 months ago, when I was cramming for my winter quarter finals at school, I decided to procrastinate and look up random fruits online. (typical). I landed upon a site describing a peculiar fruit native of Thailand that was magical “inside and out” and packed full of antioxidants. Enticing? Yess.. *click Click*. So after much googling, I found that this fruit, the Mangosteen, is apparently it is under quarantine and not available in the states for fear of flies? More googling and I found a wiki page and a website dedicated JUST toward the fruit.
Basically, afterwards I told myself I would jump at the first chance I could to try such a fruit since it was so rare in the states.

So imagine my surprise three days ago when my aunt brought home not one, not two, but a BAG of Mangosteens. My recognition process was kind of hilarious actually… like when you sell books on facebook and remember the buyer from their profile pictures the first time you meet? That was like me and the mangosteens. A pleasantly slo-mo process of “omg.. are you?,, WOW.. YOUR MANGOSTEENS, your tiny!!?” recognition process occurred in my head as my aunt took them out of her shopping back. They were apparently very expensive, but my aunt bought them anyway. The fruit itself looks like hard purple persimmons, each tattooed with an “asterisk” on the butt of the fruit. They reminded me of pokeballs… version 2000.

So imagine my surprise three days ago when my aunt brought home not one, not two, but a BAG of Mangosteens. The fruit itself looks like hard purple persimmons. For some odd reason the astrick on the "fruit butt" made it look like some sort of cartoon.. like pokemon balls LOL.

I wowwwed! (literally). Then proceeded to snap many pictures, before I realized that maybe I should probably eat it as well.
Taste Verdict? ehh... OK. It was delicious, but I think I had wayyy too high expectations for it. The texture is a bit like lechee and dragonfruit, but the flavor is completely different. There was no hint of sour but rather complete sweetness. The meat of the fruit itself seemed to seemed to taste like a combination of light apple, peach, and pear, with a bit of a mango pungency. It's really indescribable…. but also not exceptional. The flavor was definitely A LOT mellower than I had thought it would be. Therefore, if I ran across it again I probably wouldn’t bother buying it, unless it was on sale. Either way, one thing off my checklist ;)

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