July 21, 2010

day 22: starbucks ladies nice? yes. genuine? uncertain.

sleep 2 wake 9


My life these days can be summarized in 2 words


I stare at a blank cubicle at the library trying to cram my brain every afternoon… and usually, I am also reminded of 1. the sound of babies crying and 2. how hard library chairs are.

Bliss comes around 6-7pm each day when I trudge over to the nearby Starbucks and recieve a daily verbal compliment from the barista as they make my tea latte. They train their workers well.

At first I thought they were fairly genuine.. which I'm sure they SOMEWHAT are.. but then I realized it's more catered towards customer service.  Which is fine. I love compliments, and it's a daily dosage of confidence.. NOMNOMNOM. (ok that sounds gross.. and it was ment to be a joke.)   Anyway. I think I'll start listing them down for kicks because some of them don't make sense. [B: barista]

Thursday's Compliment: B: I like your bag a lot. G: Uh.. Thanks! (referring to my old atlas bag)

Tuesday's Compliment: B: Your earrings are so cute! (they are hello kitty) G: Gee, thanks! I just got them yesterday. B: My boyfriend wears those too! G:huh? ohh.. your boyfriend? B:Ya, my boyfriend! G: Oh that's cool..


Today's Compliment: I like your shirt..... a lot. (the ... denotating around 3 seconds later... awkward.)

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