July 14, 2010

day 15: Yogurt deck and Runthrough

sleep1 wake930

morning fix: ttowash, ttoton, tto lotion.
good food today
grape seed peel max
night fix: neutrog toner, tto ton, tto night moisturizer PBP, clinique night moisturizer.
tea: 12,3

On a TOTALLY related topic (haha)... After I camped out in the back of a previa for almost 2 hours yesterday... (I actually got ALOT done), I was overheating, so took my sister to yogurt deck.
It was my first time there so I had fairly high expectations. This is why, some of the aspects were surprising to me. You know when the self serve machines don't have teh angled opening for the icecream to come out it, and it ends up comes out in like cylindrical shapes that reminded you of poop?  hahah Yogurt deck had that... Other than that minor annoyance the staff was pretty friendly.

Food wise:
Water melon was the best... everything else was OK. Coconut had an interesting sour tang to it... as well as the vanilla.  Everything was on the less creamy side (in comparison to Yogurtland.)
They had SO many candy toppings though, it reminded me of Sweet Factory and a Yogurt Shop in one. I really liked that.

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