August 30, 2010

speakers woke me up last night.

Hehe.. no not decibel-wise... but force.

last night around 2AM my ipod speakers dove down my shelf in a three feet drop right onto my face.

let me tell you, getting woken up by a sharp pain on you face isn't the most pleasant experience.

Especially when you have a souvenir to show in the morning. (aka bruise)


August 28, 2010

REVIEW: BioNeo Cellular Intensive Facial Mask



but i'm so tired.... shall elaborate some other time.  As for now I just want to say, don't use the BioNeo Cellular Intensive  Face Mask. At least for me, it was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too rich for my skin. I got it about six months ago in Taiwan along with their lotion gel which I actually found extremely moisturizing yet noncomedogenic.... hence why I was willing to splurge 3 for $16 for this little thing.  That was when I figure this mask might do the same thing... but better.  HAHHAHA... no.  I woke up with like more then three extra spots and a very bad mood.  It smelled like old-lady perfume which I suspect induced my insomnia for the night (ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but I have a tendency to like to leave masks on overnight... like overnight treatment ya? and the smell was unbearable) And it left this really sticky feeling film all over which just made you feel greasy and gross.  Even two days later, I felt like my skin was oilier just due to this one overnight treatment. Had to calm it down with Tea Tree Oil.  Ho-hum.  Pros were the function-ability ?!  The mask came in two different parts, one for the forehead and cheeks and one for the chin and jaw. So I guess if you want to eat and talk as you pamper your face, this mask won't obstruct.  Ok. nothing really else I want to say.

The following is a stupid picture that is a fairly accurate reflection of my angst towards this little packet. Oh on my face is, Origins Out of trouble 10 minute mask aka my damage control.

August 26, 2010

Total aZn breakdance status.... NOT.

So my dear sister taught me a trick today.  That is... how to get asian glow without drinking ANYTHING!  It requires 2 hands, a head, and a clear mind (to keep your balance), oh.. and a bit of strength.  Guaranteed on the first try to get you as red as a tomato.   Let my sister demonstrate first: 

Oh, but only amateurs get the glow.. :P

My turnn!! ugh... suck

LOL.. suck .. redo!  OK clarification... i'm actually holding myself upside down for several seconds here. it's not like a flash shot.  hahhaha

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... looks like I hurt my neck and it's painful (it's not). i give up.

k.. going to KO now from exhaustion.  Hahaha... jk. It actually wasn't that tiring. but I looked like a fool HAHA. Oh gawsh.. might take this off sometime.

August 25, 2010

Building a Mystery

You wear sandals in the snow
And a smile that won't wash away
Can you look out the window
Without your shadow getting in the way?

Yeah you're working
Building a mystery
And choosing so carefully

I reformatted my ipod! So let's say if I loved my ipod before, now I LOVE x 10394832 x ♥♥!!! With the google calenders synced, it now functions like my lil electronic organizer! doo doo. Found the amazing song above through the Pandora App. I think it's fairly pertinent my (minor) state of ambivalence right now.

Speaking of which... isn't this 粽子 sooo cute? hehe. Size comparison to ipod touch.

Here's an astrological report:  There will be two moons on Aug 27, 2010.  Sooo... make two wishes that night ;)

August 24, 2010


i rarely cuss but seriously though...
the LOR SERVICE IS SO FUCKING SLOW. i can't send out my app CUZ OF YOU. DAMMIT. it's been over a month.


August 23, 2010

R.I.P. mouse. you have been kind to withstand my constant torture :[

I have so much to do these next five  months it is kind of insane :P Wrote them all down and it took one whole page.... times new roman, font 12. NO double spacing.  BLAH I cannot wait until this time one year later. If by then I have completed and everything on my list I will seriously reward myself with a big fat  pat on the back.

So, it was finally time to say R.I.P to my pink mouse.  It was a good 3 years, withstood many gina drops, and outlived a laptop. So sad. I think it probably would have lasted longer if I didn't accidentally bang it against the wall when I grabbed the mouse by just the cord.  I really liked the cord wrap around button function... so useful, and wouldn't get tangled in my purse. Boo.

So I was determined to find a cute computer mouse online since they last pretty long anyway.  I don't understand why there are Hello Kitty ones but no Totoro ones. Wouldn't it be the cutest thing if they made like the mouse a totoro body? It's around the same shape too. Anyway, I found a lot of totoro mouse PADS instead. Look how cute these are: 

heheeeee... These would be a cute addition to my ever growing totoro collection. Too bad I think mouse pads are an annoying waste of space.

In other news, I REALLY think I tanned because after laquering up on a shiny green gloss today, I noticed that my hands looked a very unpleasant neon.  Whyyyy... Didn't really like this polish anyway.

So anyway, here's the lowdown.
BRAND: Klean Color
PRICE: super cheap $2
COLOR: Silky Bamboo (silky sheen)
SMELL: OK. (aka not good)
COATS:  2 Coats probably needed. honestly, the consistancy is kind of streaky no matter how good your painting skills are. Drys semi-slow.
LASTING POWER:  without top coat about 2 weeks... semi chipping by then. I guess the lasting power is not THAT bad then.
FINAL RATING: 3/5  ehhh..

August 21, 2010

FMLOLOL. flyswatters, apple shavers, all you can eat buffet style

This song is HILARIOUS.

Anyway, after writing 8500 characters for an essay that is limited to 4500, I created a new word:

FMLOLOL (eff-em-el-oh-el-oh-ha ha)  Noun, Verb, Adj. used when something is according to andy, "so shitty (and stupid) you can only laugh"
Real Life Examples:  " I tried stapling a 41pg packet, super duper fail, not just regular fail, but epic monumental fail  --- FMLOLOL."

Needless to say, my FMLOLOL moment was an accumulation of over two weeks worth of work.  Thanks everyone, I know I'm meticulous.

In other news:  I honestly think Asians are the most innovative people out there. In addition to this already amazing "apple shaver"..... 3:57 apple shaver. go..

You didn't click. >:O For you lazy butts, I've screen-shotted the image for your viewing pleasure. Look at this gorgeous thanggg... I think my jaw dropped when I saw it in action.

An apple shaver that looks like those pencil sharpeners!
You know what else was jaw dropping? An amazing japanese gadget I found in my VERY OWN HOUSE today.

Look at this:

now back at me. now look back at this. do you think this is a flyswatter?  if you think so, you are absolutely.... 
RIGHT.  But this is not not JUST an average flyswatter. Look away.

Now back at this:

Do you know what this is? It's something you wish you had, but you don't... something you could only dream of having. You know why? because it is the craziest flyswatter handle you  will have ever seen. Why? Look away.

Now back again:

THIS is sanitation, this is LOVE. this is....

AN EMBEDDED FLYPICKER UPPER for after you swat those nasty flies.

doOoo doOo Doododoo... old spice.

mmmmmm... :) excuse my nails, I need to lacquer up. hrmmm what color shall I choose next?

August 20, 2010

i love poo... h

No vitamin D supplements needed today. I got a good fat dose at disneyland.  And tanned..  a lot :O

 I even took the necessary precautions. AKA.. my trusty disneyworld safari hat, ridiculously huge sunscreen sunglasses, and close toed shoes. I honestly have not worn "shoes" in over 2 years for leisure.  As in proper shoes... that need socks. (flats excluded)  and surprise surprise, it was the first time my feet didn't hurt after hours of standing and walking. hrmm perhaps tis a sign? Anyway, the picture on the right is me pre-tan. The jumping one is after. haha burnt. 

So, this was the first time we did not watch Fantasmic at night. Instead, we went to Tomorrowland instead for their Nemo ride. I noticed they had this lil outdoor clubb-y environment where Power 106 was DJ-ing.  A good amount of kids/adults were dancing and jumping near the outdoor stage.  They had top hits blasting (censored obviously)... but the songs were the same. I forgot what exactly was playing, but it was definitely popular? Suddenly I hear these kids singing the lyrics word by word. They knew it all by heart except... censors were not included. When I turned around, I couldn't help but notice that the owners of these voices were around  seven years old! WTH! They knew like every line of the lyric. LOL Impressive-lyyy shocking. Oh Gawd.. when did I become so mature minded. Snap out! Snap Out.

Anyway, I think Disney has been catching up in terms of their culinary innovations. I saw some extremely cute candied apples at their bakery! Price wasn't bad either... 

The Jumping pic. Anyway, it would be a classic if the castle in the jumping picture showed up.  It's there I promise. My outfit was outrageous and my face was as naked as hell. But I didn't care, it was as hot as a toaster oven in Anaheim. I'm so dark now. poo..h..

(this kind of pooh)

i love poo .... h :)

August 16, 2010

Fashion 101: Interview attire

Fashionisterrr clam gives us some Interview wear tips :D

 Clam:  had my 3rd one today haha
 me:  wowwww busuyyyy
do u wear a suit?
 Clam:  nawww
like clubbing style
but more formal

nicely put clam... nicely put, LOL!!! 

6 hourslater i come back with basically nothing done.

So I circled ALLL the way around LA for close to two hours... and I still couldn't get past wilshire.  Apparently the president was there. Um... but is there such a necessity to close down every single street?! I really do not understand -___-.  It wasn't just closed within westwood... the jam started all the way from Santa Monica and Up until Beverly Hills. So insane. Then because Wilshire was completely closed, everyone started going on Santa Monica Blvd... wow, the traffic was like 3 feet every 5 minutes. Took another hour just to get out.  So today I learned a new acronym.  Apparently POTUS stands for President Of The United States. I then inquired whether it is pronounced as Pawt-uh-s  or Poe-T-uh-s, or Paw-two-s.  (All of which were fairly burlesque sounding especially the latter) And according to my friend, it is pronounced as the middle.  Like hippopotamus.  mmm...

Speaking of food ( ;) ) I'm feeling a bit generous right now... so I think I'll share my dinner with yall ;)

Let's start off our appetite with some cranberry colesaw.. tangy and chill.  Followed by some fresh steamed rice asian style. Finally a nice juicy slab of New York Steak.. medium rare! Drizzled with A1... not regular but rather the bold and spicy flavor.  I know I know, I'm too kind. No need to thank me :) 

August 15, 2010

REVIEW: Prettia Hair Dye- Berry Colored

So last week, I dyed my hair for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Wooo. I wouldn't exactly say that I had been contemplating for a while... but maybe off and on several times throughout Senior year. Anyway, my main concern was my fear of the damage it would cause to my hair.. since I already got it straightened this winter.  Anyway, my cousin brought this Japanese brand of hairdye from Taiwan last week and I decided to give it a try.   Having seen my roomates dye their hair before, I knew that probably the most time consuming and messy process is the application process.  Luckily Prettia was known for their foam application. I had looked online for some application tips and found this to be helpful:

Basically, all I did was squeeze the two chemicals together into their foam applicator.  Then, after mixing it for a few seconds, I just applied the foam on my hair.  They had A LOT of product so it was pretty easy to cover my whole hair in foam within 10 minutes or so. The smell was pretty bearable, but it still smelled like any hair dye. After about 20 minutes I could already see my hair tinting red.  And I think my heart skipped.  The color that I had recieved was already supposed to be slightly reddish.. I was crossing my fingers that it would SOMEHOW turn brown :P

Anyway, after rinsing it out of my hear, I used the color treatment packet that it came with (which barely covers 1/4 of your hair) rinsed it out and took a look.  The color was definitely reddish the first night after dying (but it has faded to a browner color as you will see in the pictures below)  And I noticed my hair texture became a bit rougher.  I did noticed  more hair loss than usual that first wash (but not anymore in following washes)  This was expected however with any sort of dye application.  Anyway, it's been about a week, and this is what I look like now:

not too noticeable in home lighting actually

The foam application made the color distributing surprisingly even.  No clothing was ruined in teh process... and I basically just wore a tank top the whole time.  The chemicals didn't even hurt my scalp at all. no tingle, nothin. :)  I probably won't dye my hair again because it was one of those things where I just wanted to try once and get my curiosity over with... but if I did want to in the future, I would definitely use Prettia again. 5/5 stars.
I think it somewhat made my skin look even darker.

This is it.

The whirlwind of visitors ever since graduation just ended this afternoon.

Life is now back to normal... so surreal.

So empty.

August 13, 2010

Just realized that...

today I traded disneyland for a shot and a blood test.

I love the tune. Wish she sang with more power during the chorus however...

Let's go hollywood glam!

Strawberry Beard Papa's For THE win. Second time's the charm.

Hope you don't mind me dancing with the stars.

August 11, 2010

When Life gives you lemons, Take pictures of it.

Guess it's about time for a new entry... I've given myself enough time to debrief, relax and think over my options. Good? Bad? Only time can really tell.  Lots of things have happened... I dyed my hair for the first time in my life, drove for over an hour on the freeway (yes, I rarely drive freeways), got a tattoo ... ok.. just kidding about the latter.  But in all honesty, I've learned quite a lot in the past 6 days or so.. given myself a breather and a newfound stressor, but it's alright.. and I'm ready to go on. I've had a lot of relatives come by lately, so with their arrival come awesome gadgets. I am now the proud (co)owner of an umbrella sword  (which I will probably write an entry about later)... about 4 sundresses... a soymilk maker AND an icecream machine! Nom Nom. I really wish I had a camera to blog about it but it is currently in.. Utah... or somewhere near Yellowstone. My mother had to borrow it. Now is the time I guess for my 5mpx cellphone camera to shine. Without further adue, let's see what my cellphone captures have to bring.

Jen and me studying  "diligently" at starbucks along with my tasty Tea Latte, Blue Berry muffin.. and oh wait.. is that meebo I see?

No no! It's not because I wanted to chat with others, It's simply because I wanted to blog about how I saw the future TMG sitting right next to them.  I hope I don't get arrested for sneaky picture taking. And yes, all three are female... mothers :X (Don't ask me who I'm referring to). But they talked about 3 hours  straight about life during their reunion. How do I know this? I have good ears. (half JK)

My Second Ever MUA Swap! Muy exciteddddd!!!

That's all folks for now!  As  for my increasing number of Yelp Entries... I'm playing with the possibility of importing them over here...

August 03, 2010


would want to delete this entry completely but the time stamp is just too precious

August 01, 2010

NOM NOM phones. (not the truck)

isn’t this the CUTEST phone EVER?!!

SOOO CUTE!  Little Chocolate bars! Gosh… nomnom… they even have the Strawberry melty kind. I WANT! But then I went online to see how much it is. Not $200, not $300… NOT EVEN $500. IT IS A WHOPPING $1790. yess for this 3 inches of whopping waterproof goodness XD

I am so stupid! How in this crazy world did I not think all google accounts would be linked?!   Of course Google wouldn't let a diligently developed product go to waste. I guess I need to think more clear in the future, and watch my own actions meticulously when I am stressed and tired... because those are the times I usually do the dumbest and brashest things.