April 19, 2011

Review: Elf Nude Polishes & Spring Shebang

*edit* this was supposed to be posted two weeks ago. somehow my computer pointer never made it to the "publish entry" button!

Easter is coming in a few days... I've decided to celebrate in a special way!
purple, baby pink, yellow, leaf green, sky blue

It bothers me that the blue coat  is a hologram

Here is to a post that will make my mother cringe!

But hey! I don't party, drink, or do anything crazy.. the most I do is secretly model my nails after the colors of the rainbow.. lest this be the reprimand I constantly receive... especially now that I am living at home. :/  I feel quite rebellious ...  hopefully I'll grow out of it by fall ;)

Today I received a compliment from boy.  He said "hey! I like your nails" Wow.. I was in shock... not because it was a boy, not because my nails were even that pretty. It was because he was a whopping five year old kid!  Awww how commendable!  He's gonna grow to be one heck of a heart throbber by the year 2026... with a dashing name too... Raaaamonnn.  I made sure to reward him with a sticker.

Take that mom!

All crazy colors aside, let's review some of the more "calmer" polish styles I've sported lately:

DESERT HAZE by E.L.F. The perfect nudy gray color appropriate for work and interviews.  Smooth consistency, opaque after 1 coat. Perfect for light and darker skin tones  Mine lasted a whole 4 days without chip when I didn't use a top or base coat. Best of all, $1. Elf winsss

INNOCENT by E.L.F. A pale baby pink hue. No Shimmer.  Can be a bit too bright for tanner skin tones. A bit more streaky then the Desert Haze composition and needs more then two coats to become solid. I give it an "OK"

I'll end with another kid story since thats basically what my life is consisted of now.  The silliest thing.  One of the fifth graders said that they ABSOLUTELY cannot wait until they are 18.  Why? Because of the Three C's.

College, Car, Coffee

Youngin, youngin you have much to learn. Yes these three are all pretty awesome... in certain context.  College is amazing, but fifth grade is definitely not too shabby either (stress-level wise).  Cars are fun to drive until you actually need to drive it daily. And coffee? I associate it with 'procrastination induced painful allnighters'....unless you are talking about my Java Chip Frapp.  In that case...you can have a sip.  No need to wait a decade.

April 11, 2011

Despite being "technically" user friendly, Apple poses another threat

mom: come help me turn this on (referring to my ipod & ipod stereo dock)
me: ok no problem! hold on

-- five minutes -- ... (clearly I had forgotten)

mom: please, come help me! I'm machine illiterate
me: ok.. let me save this document really quickly, I'll come right now
mom: ok, come as soon as you can. you know technology illiterate people like me…… we get especially scared when we see this apple sign.

me: ..... really?

mom: yeah.. It means it's expensive.

In more technology related rants, presenting to you...

4 Reasons why I think a mouse is important.

Without one....
I cannot eat chips with one hand without getting my laptop keyboard dirty.
I cannot photoshop precisely
Playing games like l4d2 is a futile attempt

Most importantly! !!
there is no glowing aura around the mouse that acts as a calming night light when my laptop AND I go to sleep (pun intended)

April 10, 2011

The "Pier"-fect conclusion to my spring break 2011

Jukebox: Samantha James- Rise (oldie but goodie :D)

My trusty camera and I venture out to sea.

Celebrated my 23 with good friends at the Redondo Beach Pier, CA.
I was running low on time while making the cards so got my dad to help me complete some remaining cards. He ended up telling me he would stick more stickers on female cards. What a sexist! just kidding :)

And those seals are real! On second thought, "Pier"fect isn't very catchy at all.

April 08, 2011

Replacing my Dell 1440 Keyboard ahem..

I CAN TYPE NOW!!!! I feel soo freeeee!!! I can type whatever the heck I want without being cheated out of my Q W E R T Y U I O P's LOL. And it was pretty speedy too.

When I ordered my keyboard, I assumed it would come with instructions. Behold, on the zealous day when I finally received the box, it occured to me that the only paper the box held was the receipt. what fail.

And so begins a frantic search for specific instructions online... yelding zero (for my specific lappy). Luckily all dell lappies are somewhat similar so I was able to wing it.  Although, I guess a picture journey of keyboard removal would be useful for those (newbs like me!!!) who also have a Dell Inspiron 1440. So whether you stumbled here by google search or not, here you go. Your route to a new keyboard in 9 easy peasy steps.

1. Admire your nice new keyboard..... and it's dust-free-ness.

2. Unplug lappy. flip flip flip. pop out the battery and cherish how light your laptop is without the darn battery. ahh... if only.

3. Dig out your flat headed screw driver.. take a deep breath and gently fit lift the plastic casing above your keyboard. For the Dell 1440, the whole flap (including the curved top) is actually one whole piece.

4. If you hear a click. something didn't break. lol.  you probably just loosened the backing. There are two notches on each side and one in the middle. Once you loosen the two on each side, loosen the middle one and lift from the middle. Make sure you are gentle!

5. Success! Unscrew the two screws below using a philips screwdriver.

6. Slide up keyboard, but watch out there is still a ribbon cable attached.

7. Release the ribbon cable by lifting up the flat wide latch as shown. At this time you may want to flip your faulty old keyboard over to view the accumulated dust, fluff and crumbs bountiful enough to feed a family of rats -___-

8. Time to clean! We girls don't need tech cleaning kits! Whip out your $42  Mac 187 or other quality makeup brushes. clean, dry, ones that don't shed hair. and start dusting away!!!

  Just kidding. I used a mini vacuum, and a microfiber cloth. conveniently found in your eyeglasses case ;)

9. After your lappy is dust free, install in the new keyboard in the opposite manner of how you removed it. (ribbon in, snap latch, slide keyboard in, screw in the screws. put in battery, and turn it on very briefly just to double check if the new keyboard works. if it does, snap the top covering back on) and yay.

10. Give yourself a pat on your back.  Feel techy for 10 minutes until you realize this is the basics of basics (my own realization as well) but nevertheless... YAY. You just saved yourself labor cost!

Hope this was helpful and not downright annoying :/

Anyway, after being shocked at the remnants in my keyboard, I have vowed to keep my laptop covered as much as I can. Here is my current cheap-o asian keyboard covering method. =) <3 cellophane wrap! 

It's only on the top... so hopefully won't obstruct ventilation

That's it for today!

April 07, 2011

Once you start it's hard to stop. Once you stop it's hard to start.

what am I referring to?

exercising and blogging.

activities in opposing realms of the physical spectrum but  fueled by a similar mindset.

Luckily, even after 2 failed attempts at buying my keyboard... third time's a charm. My keyboard order didn't get canceled and is set to arrive today. YAHOOO!