November 26, 2010

The story of my lol.

Chapter 1:  Buy one fail, get one fail free! 

Dad: Gina... Gina.. Gina ...
Me: .... huh?!
Dad: A.D.D!!! you have Attention....
        Attention DISFOCUS...

... clearly knowledge of basic behavioral problems are not required for chemical engineering PhD's...

five minutes later... I tell Jen what happened...

Jen: What? I don't get it...
         it's supposed to be Attention Deficient Disorder
Jen: OH... u mean "Deficit"
Me:  oh yaaa.. oops

*cries over my bs in psychobiology*

Chapter 2: Oven roasted turkey $20, cranberry sauce $8, a heartwarming thanksgiving greeting.....   priceless $.10

I am currently crossing my fingers that I will recieve the perfect amount of thanksgiving texts that they don't surpass my 200 text per month mark.

I'm on 199/200 and it recycles in approximately three hours and forty six minutes.

Chapter 3:  the vegetable that sounds like a karatechop... shall be karate-chopped out of my LYYYYFE.  (hrmm.. this one needs a witty-er title...)

College has taught me to stand up for my own beliefs.  This is applicable in many situations... including advocating for the satisfaction of my tastebuds. 

So today I have decided  that I will not eat anymore daikon unless it is a life or death situation.

(or unless I miraculously like it again .... *cough* VERY unlikely *cough*)


I'm usually not a picky food eater and I'm actually very willing to try anything new. HOWEVER one "thing" that I can NEVER stand is daikon.

This nasty bugger:

I dislike the texture, the bland taste, the consistancy, the smell, the shape, the EVERYTHING!

Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of my mom's favorite vegetables.

But after unwillingly pushing past my natural gag reflex and forcing myself to eat this for over fifteen years, I pretty much have had enough.

So today after trying to swallow the vegetable for the nth-teen time... I came to a sudden realization.

We only have one why waste it by eatting foods we don't like unless it is absolutely necessary!?

So that's what I've decided....


with that said... I proceeded to drop the rest of my daikon pieces into my sisters bowl when she was not looking.

problem solved :)

November 25, 2010

I Clearly have a problem of being succinct when writing.

It's one thing to wake up at 5 am, and it's another thing to wake up at five am and eat potato chips.... on your bed

These events began my Thanksgiving 2010.

You know there's that saying in regards to flashbulb memory where you remember specific events that are significant in your lives?   I surmise that  for me, each Thanksgiving holiday seems to correspond to a flashbulb event as well. Sophomore year, I remember sitting in front of the turkey with a bowl of mashed potatoes to my right and my physics book to my left... I couldn't take it anymore and went back to school afterwards because my professor had strategically placed a midterm the Monday after our long holiday....  "more time to study!" .... Pfftt!! more like "more time to procrastinate!"

I know there are always jokes about people saying "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to others in Australia, Canada etc.. it's like "PSYCHE... THEY HAVE NO THANKSGIVING! Did they have the history of the pilgram and the indians... err...I mean... native... americans? nooooo"  Honestly, all history aside... does it really matter?  I say any country can and should have a Thanksgiving holiday.

 It dawned on me THIS Thanksgiving how this holiday is actually really meaningful.

Seriously, how many nations have a national holiday designated just towards Giving Thanks.  It's definitely something that needs to happen more in our society. Appreciation for the things we have.  Heck, I need to work on it myself.

I am soo thankful for my loving family and their everlasting support of any decisions I make (even though.. they still try to influence me, but whatever ), I am thankful for me being who I am... out of the billions of sperm and egg combo... I turned out the way I am with my lame sense of humor and naturallly frizzy hair (no, but seirously frizzy hair= volume! there.. turned a negative into a positive :D ) , I'm grateful for health, safety, diagonal parking spaces, and last but not least, my friends and best friends... always there when I need them.

am I missing anything?

One more thing... and I'm also grateful that I'm an asian (:P) living in the US.  Out of all the possibilities of me being born an ethnicity in the same country.... I was one of the lucky percentages born outside. This gives me  the best of two worlds.. an ecclectic cultural background.  Now I'm not saying that I don't like Asia because that is COMPLETELY not what I'm going for. What I mean is basically I'm happy for being one ethnicity but being born in another country.... does that make sense? I feel like I'm digging myself a hole.

To wrap up my Thanksgiving day post, I'd say after this realization Thanksgiving is now officially my new favorite holiday..... after my birthday. A holiday which encompasses Tryptophan-Loaded food (mmm sleeeeep), amazing shopping deals, and a meaningful life-message is really (excuse my lack of better words)....neat!

I think it's about time to close this bag of potato chip as it has done it's deed of being a muse to my blog ramblings.  I didn't think it was the best thing I could do to my body at 5 AM either.

*thanks body for being able to  metabolize the multitude of junkfoods I eat*

November 23, 2010

Tag: My Perfect Imperfections

Jukebox: Breathe- Telepopmusik

There's a video tag going around in the youtube beauty community called "My Perfect Imperfections" and it's basically about listing three things you like and three things you dislike about yourself.  I thought it was quite interesting.. seeing all these gorgeous beauty gurus, all who seemed extremely "perfect" talk about their imperfections one by one. We all have our quirks and loves.... so honestly, sometimes by just sharing them, we realize how everyone is both insecure and confident in one way or another.  In the end, it all comes down to accepting your flaws both inside and out.  By mentally understanding that flaws are a part of  who you are and what makes yourself unique... you learn to love yourself more.

And with that said, since I haven't had a lot of time to fill up this blog, I figure why not do a text version of the tag?   I added an extra category down about the parts where we are iffy about also like.. or have grown to like. 

My Imperfections
1. My Skin. I AM SO ACNE PRONE ITS SCARY. I can't really attribute it to genetics because everyone in my family has clear skin... but I break out so easily from stress, food, hormones, everything..... that it really is a constant irk. And honestly, I'm not the type of person to be quiet about my tribulations with breaking out either... My poor friends, they all hear my yodeling about it.  anyway, it's super annoying still with hyper pigmentation and the shebang. For one... as a person who doesn't put too much though about what I eat,  working-out, or hair maintenance, I AM extremely (excuse the word) anal about what I put on my skin (despite the mediocre outcome).... And I honestly feel that if I hadn't been so tentative with my skin... I would have been left with even worse scars.  Good thing this year my face has calmed down... but ya. I often ffeel like it is a hopeless cause...
2. My eyesight is so bad ... I wish I could wake up one day without glasses and be able to see.. either that or at least be able to read a book without glasses without needed to place it 2 inches away from my eyes.
3. Sometimes I feel like my nose is so close to my mouth that I look like Bert from sesame street. hahhaha!!

Those imperfections that you learn to love.... but still sometimes dislike :P
1. I use to think my lips were extremely fat... but I think I got use to it or something. They don't bother me anymore. LOL
2. I like how I don't really need to pluck my eyebrows because they are already naturally straight... but they are sort of short.
3. I like the shape of my nose... however, I always thought it was on the bigger side.... thanks dad -___-

What I Do Like About Myself.
1. My general structure
2. My face shape
3. I like my eyes, the shape and that my eyes are pretty big for a mono-lidder.

Wow.. how demoralizing... my entry came out unexpectedly as in inverted pyramid -___-  haha goes to show I still have a lot to work on in terms of accepting myself for who I am. But I guess this is a step towards doing so.

Alrighty... this wasn't actually the beauty entry I was planning on writing.. but it was shorter and hopefully will suffice for a bit. I shall begin tackling my apps again. Le sigh..

November 17, 2010

A fine frenzy - Almost lover

Jukebox! Classic accompaniment for lyrical jazz piece .... I lovveee! My sister choreographed a dance to this music. Man I miss dancing.

*edit* beauty entry coming up soon. It's taking forever because I have so much things to finish these next two weeks, so I'm writing the entry piece by piece. Nevertheless...I'm excited :D

November 16, 2010

Tiff's Pink and Black Birthday

Jukebox: Nicky Lee-Gei wo bao bao

I totally forgot this song until heard it again in m's car in the wee hours of the morning after Tiff's bash. man, brings back memories of sophomore year. Saturday was Tiff's 21+1 birthday.. featuring Kbbq, Laser tagging, and of course... Boba. All I can say is meat and guns are a potent combination. Definite poison to any morose feelings. Guaranteed to bring lasting good mood. Enough chatter. Let the pictures do the talking.

Meat was deelishh

Cheers for the Birthday Girl

Alex ordered two cool beer thingies (I really have no idea what it's called)

Beautiful girls !! (i dont know why its blurry :( )

Finally get to see Christina :)

This process took a while hahaha

Carnage on first half of the table

delicious devoured carnage on the second half 

Smiles for the birthday girl :)


EAP Entourage :)

Pink and Black

Mod-ish KBBQ place I've been to!

Girls and the Guns (Laser)


let's end the night with some posing :)

November 10, 2010

life on a stand still

come on speed memory. work with me!

November 08, 2010

cheesy vid says it all.

Under Pressure- Queen and David Bowie

Let the title and the screenshot at 0:10 speak for itself. Work never ceases!!! But then... without it.. I think life would also be awfully monotonous. Nevertheless, 1.5 months left before I can genuinely go have some fun. Back to the music...quite an amusing-ly cheesy video. no?

Ok due to the "high presshaa" going on, I think it is imperative I bring some comic relief.
Presenting to you... the wraths of what my major has brought upon me...

The following conversation is in reference to the numerous amount of bio flashcards I was aiming to go through before bedtime.

me: think ill be able to do it?
by tonight?
Alb i dunno
me: (it's not too hard honestly)
Alb: you're the psycho biologist
me:... do u mean
Psycho Biologist ?
Alb: the space makes all the difference
it's up to you to interpret
Alb: :)

PS: I ended up not finishing them -___- what a bummmerrr. I guess I am the latter then.

PPS: The beat of Under Pressure is very similar to Vanilla Ice's ICEE ICEE BABY... as brilliantly discovered by my friend... and a few thousand other ppl on youtube. * grin *

PPPS: I HAVE PANNED another 3 things!! woopee! I really want to do a beauty entry soon! I think it's interesting how this blog started out intending to be mainly a beauty blog.. then it evolved to food .. now its just my ole' ramblings. So basically.. from entries that take most time... to the shortest. how sad. I must... formalize... againnn...

November 05, 2010

time is delicious

Image from

November 04, 2010

A Music "Brake" (no pun intended)

Jukebox: Why - Philip Larue

Another Great Song is "Here We Go" by Joshua Radin... I couldn't find the album version on youtube even though I actually have his CD. But check out the live version here though:

I absolutely love guitar acoustics. I think I took after my mom in terms of music taste.

so, speaking of mothers...

When your mother gives you a suggestion and asks you whether or not something is a good idea.

you should usually acquiesce to her wishes

because more often than not,

the question is an implied demand.

mom: here's sweet tea! do you want to add creamers into it?
me: yay thank you! ummm... I don't really like that combo, I guess it's fine.
mom: are you sure?! It makes the tea taste like boba milk tea
me: yah.. I know... but I like just the regular tea flavor better.
mom: are you sure? because drinking too much tea can decrease ur iron level (all the whiles ripping the paper covers off the first creamer)
me: ma, I really don't like the creamers
mom: why don't u listen to my suggestions. its healthy!! there's calcium
me: mom.. but it's just creamer not milk
mom: doesn't matter, it will make it taste a lot better.. and it's better then just the tea
me: :: beginning to sense her anger::
mom: OK, so do you want the creamers or not.
me: wait.. ok, put in the creamers
mom: *happy happy* opens the creamers and dumps in sweet tea*


In other news:

here is my ghetto-fied method of reminding myself that I have the physical brakes on.

Clever no?

November 02, 2010

In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind.

-Louis Pasteur

thanks chance.

I can finally get a fuller night's rest... but then it all starts again tomorrow.

Jukebox: Nelly- Just a Dream

So I've been evading this type of entry for a loooonggg time... because this writing style was what eventually manifested in my previous/old blog for several years... I didn't like the lack of structure... yet writing this way gives me a pleasantly jocular way of expressing my uncohesive thoughts thoroughly without transitions.  but i figured at this late hour and worn out state where concepts takes precedence over grammar. I can give formality a kick in ze tush... therefore please be prepared for some classic geener ramble.

please buckle your seatbelts. levity and turbulence will be guaranteed

ONE. please tell me, how in this world would a 20 some year old be SO excited about watching a young youtube celeb on Amazing Race? I feel quite lame. BUT. WHATEVAAA KEVJUMBA IN THE AMAZING RACE FTW!

I think it must be an exhilarating experience for his dad to travel around the world with his son and "compete with young'ins" at 58.  I'm rooting for both both father+child teams. I hope they get to the top.

don't they look so determined?

so cute.

did I just take time go re-find the clip, find the scene, screenshot, crop and upload it on my public blog?
yes you did gina


THREE. this cutest kid dressed in a ketchup bottle came to trick-or-treat last night. My Goodness! A ketchup bottle. I asked him. "Did they have a mustard one too?"

and he stared at me widely with his watery-doe-y seven year old eyes


"nvm, here's more candy HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!" ::slam::

jk about the slam.

sometimes I forget that my humor is obsolete

but I have reason behind my question. I am an avid yellow mustard eater. I can use it as a dip for anything. seriously.

FOUR.  So being an avid blog reader and I use Google reader religiously on a daily basis.  For a while, I was at an equilibrium where I'd go on each time periodically to find about 3-4 new entries.

then it became 10-20

then it became 20-30

happy snappy

Then I added a few tech blogs because mine were more beauty oriented.  And BOY YOU TECHY's HAVE A LOT OF TIME! Because whenever I go on now... I have like 234 more to read. wth!
Lately i think i've gotten to the point where I've been inundated by un-read entries. and it becomes a slightly laborious task scan through all of them.  The feeling is tantamount to unread emails... except maybe a little bit less. I think i've given up on catching up as I have 437 unread right now.

Tech News Daily.... you are more like Tech News 35 Daily.

FIVE. I am pretty pissed because I spent a good $1.75 on cotton balls at Rite Aid Last friday.. and I opened the brand new package to find the cotton balls smelling musty and slightly SOUR. like... wth. And I can't exactly return it.. I'll probably sound like an idiot.

"hi sir, I'd like to return this bag of cotton balls"
"um.. suree? but you opened it, what's the problem"
"they smell sour"
"what?... no."
... if this happens, i will then proceed to thrust the open bag close enough to the person so they can get a nice whift.

then I'll probably get my money back. plus some.

OK. somewhere that sells good cotton balls is CVS. Get their jumbo pack, I rip them into twos and flatten it out each time I use them to apply Toner.

I just realized I use cotton balls for two and only two things.

1. Toner application
2. Nailpolish remover

ok what? that totally did not make sense lol. ok, I need to sleep.. my delirium is affecting my writing abilities (as if I had any in the first place *ahem*)

so hope ya'll enjoyed the late night rambling of a sleepy yet indolent soul.