September 09, 2010

Three girly things.

1. It just occurred to me, that I have the most random things on my desk.. including (but not limited to) a gallon of apple juice, my ipouch, spoon, nailpolish, clutch ... egg?!!?

2. It's not the holiday yet but I've been sporting "Holiday Glow" by OPI.  The color is OK. Takes too many coats to become a solid.  and I havn't been really into darks yet. My mood is still summer-esque.  Here is probably a pic from day 4. Already smudging away at the edges... but then I don't have a topcoat on. I NEED TO VISIT AMY bahh...

3. The strap from my "staple" watch broke yesterday! So sadddd.. I wear this watch like 5 days a week at least.  I am well aware that the faceplate is basically the size of my wrist.. but ever since I saw an ad with AngelaBaby wearing a huge faced watch  I vowed I wanted one because the style really appealed to me... LOL. Hrmmm.. I wonder if I can buy replacement straps.


  1. sad RIP watch :(

    shimmery brown color! i haven't gotten back into the shimmery phase yet. i think i'm stuck on cremes for a loonng time.

    ahhaha i love your egg. is it cooked?

  2. haha oo ive been looking for a creme purply pink color for a longg time! but none of them look good on my tan skin hahaa yaa its cooked was part of my luch :D

    good news, tho, I BOUGHT A STRAP FOR MY WATCH so its being revived :P
    ahh make a bloggg if ur freee! cuz mine's lonely :( hahhahaha