September 02, 2010

i screamed for icecream at 10 AM.

it's almost 10 am right now and guess what im eating, JUST GUESS.


time proof! haha  i look so gross.

Today is my free day. FINALLLYYYYYY... I still need to get a bunch of errands/ studying done though, so I shall be out of the house within 2 hours!

However, I celebrated the start of today with a big fat mocha almond fudge cone for breakfast.

I made sure to pack a lot of icecream inside the cone.

Don't it suck when you eat a icecream cone... and then you get to the bottom, and its just... cone? No substance. blah.

Anyway, this wasn't really a spur of the moment hhing.... as I already touched upon the matter during my unconscious state haha.

IN MY DREAM, I woke up, and went to the fridge to get out the icecream.  Then I open the cabinets, but I couldn't find the cone. Then I woke up in a state of disbelief that the cones were missing and had this huge urge to double check to see if they really WERE gone.

And they weren't. I felt triumphant.

claws a chippin... time to change a color. Perhaps brown to welcome the onset of September?

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