September 10, 2010

stop cleaning mr. tall asian barista boy!

g (5:01:30 PM): so u are at starbucks right now right?
mo (5:01:37 PM): loll yeah
g (5:01:43 PM): is the asian lanky guy working?
mo (5:01:49 PM): OMGGG
mo (5:01:50 PM): YEAHHH
g (5:01:50 PM): lanky body but
mo (5:01:51 PM): LOL
g (5:01:52 PM): cute facee
g (5:01:53 PM): OMGGGG
mo (5:01:53 PM): I NOTICED HIM
g (5:01:54 PM): hahahhahaa!!
mo (5:02:28 PM): i totally LOL'd
g (5:02:30 PM): but ya this one's cute, but i think he's kinda like ocd though
g (5:02:31 PM): HAHAHAH
mo (5:02:33 PM): =____=
g (5:02:43 PM): because he keeps scrubbing the floors
mo (5:02:43 PM): he's cleaning right now
g (5:02:45 PM): OMGGGG
mo (5:02:45 PM): OMGGGG
mo  (5:02:46 PM): LOLL
g (5:02:47 PM): OMGMGMGMOGM
g (5:02:55 PM): ISNT HE OCD?!?!!?
mo  (5:03:01 PM): LOLLLL

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