September 23, 2010

Music and Chocolate.

Jukebox: Leona Lewis - The Best You've Ever Had

After a "LONG" hiatus... a whole summer with minimal chocolate/ sweets intake.... I CANNOT RESIST IT ANYMOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I CANNOT STOP EATING CHOCOLATE AND OTHER CANDY. YOMMMMMM I tried, I tried really hard. Then... because I wasn't eating any candy, I started chewing more gum... but it wasn't as satisfying.. theres no substance LOL. So what fomented the recent intakes was because my mother bought several bags of sweets while I concurrently discovered two bars of Dove Chocolate in my purse that I bought for myself nearing graduation. Now... I'm staring at 4 empty wrappers in front of me.... and in my head lingers the 3 I ate yesterday... and more I ate the day before. But I'm not resisting to a crappy diet that I had all my life. I'll still try to avoid processed food as much as I can... but I'll okay myself with a few fun-sized bars of chocolate each day.

dark chocolate good for the heart anyway ;)

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