September 23, 2010

My do list from 7 years ago.

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Found my entry on xanga that features  my "To do list by 20"  written when I was 14... now that I'm 22, I was curious to see which ones I have actually completed. It's amazing to see how much  I (have and/or have not :X ) matured since then :P

I crossed out the ones I have accomplished, and added some italicized current remarks.  The ones I will continue to try to fullfill... let's say.. by the age 26.. I'll bold.

thursday, september 18, 2003

To Do List
I was talking to a few people the other day, and they mentioned to me how highschool is suppose to be the last Fun, and carefree years of your life, everything else after that is all adultish like. So, after being inspired by a few ppl's xanga entries (jenny ), im gonna write down a few list of things I wanna do by my 20th birthday.

1. drive a motorcycle

2. go sky-diving or scuba diving.

3. Learn how to play pisoy.. SUNNY and KIM, TEACH ME!!!!... and egyptian war

4. get good scores on my SAT's and 4's or 5's on my ap tests that stuff.

5. get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night continuously for a whole month.. a school month.

6. get a domain web name

7. be able to do like 20 fortes (i think at one point i could do around 12.. ehh good enough

8. make a piece of clothing, my design, my sewing.. everything.

9. be in a good college

10. make a cake from scratch

11. learn to read Chinese enough to read a whole newspaper and know each and every word.(Although maybe not a newspaper now, maybe just most words from an entertainment magazine ;) )

12. ride a camel or an elephant

13. go back to connecticut for vacation, and find my old house.

14. go to japan and find my old house.

15. Stay in Taiwan for a long vacation and go to the "yeh Si" night market every night.

16.get good grades

17. get my ears pierced

18.learn how to make a web using FLASH

19. invent something does a bug stand count?

20. get Tina and Jenny to visit me for a vacation instead of me going to taiwan to visit them... same goes with Jamie and Johnsan and christina... and maybe jennifer.

21. Kick ????  (lol... I REALLY dont remember who the "???" refers to)

22. like my schedule.

23. Know how to drive

24. Learn how to fence.  or just at least try it once.

25. Collect all the state coins. I should have all of them by now, maybe ill take time in the future to gather them up

26. Write something and get it published.

27. Stop forgetting ppl's birthdays.

28. Be fluent enough to chalar con mi jardiner en espanol. im happy with my mediocre spanish now. I want to learn more japanese actually. 

29. Ima copy blessing and say I wanna learn how to surf too. oh and snowboard.

30. learn the secret of the magic trick gina k, and molly showed me when we went to catalina.

31. find and buy a shirt that says Gina on it.. not like printed on .. like an already customed shirt that says that.

32. be able to answer correct all the questions on one episode of "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" I consider this childish... no. I would never want to spend time doing this now haha able to eat a lio-lian. (that spiky brownish fruit that has this distinctive oder. :-p)

34. Speak taiwanese without an accent

35. Read Les Misrebles and watch the oprea again

36. prank call someone

37. learn how to arch likewise as before.. just trying it and I'll be happy.

38. Beat the highscore on my calculator's Tetris game, (highscore include Sunny's 14035 and Lara's 13461) pfft childish

39. Find out what a voodoo doll looks like.. and do NOTHING with it.

40. Program a computer program .. hmm.. does JAVA mini fish programs count? if Compsci AP counted... maybe i can cross this off. lol

41. have a conversation with a parrot childish..

42. be able to write okish with my left hand.. (be sorta ambidextric)  as childish as this may seem.. I actually still want to do this.. although I'm afraid it will be quite a waste of time.

43. build a treehouse and sleep in a for a night..

44. be able to handstand for 30 seconds no thanks. lol although I want to re-gain my splits back. I lost the ability to do them 2 years ago :( damn college.

45. make a TI-83 program by myself

46.sell something or auction something off on ebay  I cannot believe i still haven't done this!

47. make icecream   Just did that this summer! I am a proud owner of an icecream machine!!

48. Find a replacement for a teddy bear that got its head mutated.. AHEM!!! COughLauren! lol! WTH is this?! no!

49. *shall be kept a personal ambition*  I forgot what this was..

50. and so the list goes on and on.. etc.. etc.. etc..

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