September 11, 2010

green brown black

mmmmmmmmm.... currently eating beef tofu and rice.  This is something i CANNOT live without and is one of my all time favorites.  So, I can't stand wearing jeans lately... and since I can't fit any of my jazz pants anymore... the only other more "formal" alternatives I have for going out  are shorts and skirts (not too suitable for the fall), and leggings.

I know plenty of people that can wear leggings just fine... with a t-shirt. but SERIOUSLY... whenever I do that, I just feel like my outfit is screaming "HELLO EVERYONE I'M WEARING NO PANTS" yaa..  I don't know.. maybe it's because the fabric is thinner... because even though it doesn't necessarily look that way, I definitely feel extremely self conscious. haha.... and it doesn't help if the free VS underwear you happened to wear that day was bright pink too... lolol  annnnyywayy so, I've found a good alternative... which I'm sure was already common everywhere else, but new to me.

Anyway, the picture basically explains what I've been sporting every fricking single day now for work, class, whatever. The BEST part is.... it's so comfy I can wear it to sleep. thank goodness I own multiple leggings and skirts.

Speaking of outfits... I've been putting my Pierre Dumas to good use as well =)

lol i know, my feet are gross. look at ze shooooees.

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