September 08, 2010

music and cars go hand in hand.

Jukebox: Hurts- Blood Tears and Gold
This screen shot is epic:

And the song itself is not too shabby.

Minus the weird leg shaving and sock wearing thing, I'd say this song and music video is one of my favorites at the moment!

Why arn't things going correctly? This state of torpor is keeeellinnngg me mentally. (figuratively... not literally lolol) I want to proceed on to the next step! Too many "business days" to consider. Paperwork. blah.

I feel like a soccer mom driving such a huge minivan.

Although sun-avoiding Asians in Previas are wonted... this assures me that I blend in somewhat.

Plus I have to say my maneuvering abilities have improved three fold as I tackle this immense box-on-wheels daily.

vroom vroom.

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