September 21, 2010

Maybe this is why I cannot hear through my headphones!

Jukebox: Yesterday- Leona Lewis

My friend always manages to screenshot my oddest moments as I webcam -___- LOLOL.  Anyway, another sleepless night has gone by as I surrender my precious time to memorizing whimsical information that really is not pertinent to my future.  Such include the pillars to "success" (with definite quotes) etc etc.. none of which that pique my interest.  Memorization is a skill that needs to be honed but differently depending on the individual.  After six years.. it's about time I master my own techniques that fit my needs. Ya.  What a painful night of cram... although I have encountered worse. I think my skills just needed to be sharpened again.  Although this all could have been avoided if I had not put precedence on good company.  But I do not regret my decision. I had a great time, plain and simple.  On a completely different note, according to to two of my closest friends... I have a distinctive way of expressing my emotional state as "OK" when I'm actually not... usually I become extremely quirky and hyper... unconsciously hoping that the state of "ditz" can obscure my frustrations. And it's funny... how I actually captured that on camera this time in my private blog with just my best friends. I shall scrutinize my apparent convalescing  manners after class tonight... perhaps I shall change my stress coping methodology.

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