September 24, 2010

A reminder that it's okay to pause, smell the coffee, and enjoy life as it stands before you

Jukebox: Love Love Love - Kiwi

I wouldn't consider myself to be an impatient person, however I do try to hurry when I have inspiration in my mind. Such include meticulously crafted letters that beckon for recommendation requests. Outlined in the very nerves of my brain, they were itching to be transfered through my fingerprints and on to a safe place. No, I don't trust my memorization skills that much... yet. So, here I was in a slight hurry when I encounter that awkward moment we all try to eschew. The moment, when two patrons arrive in front of one door at the same millisecond. Who gives, who takes? Luckily, this time it was pretty obvious. The pepper- haired man before me was middle aged and sported gold spectacles. On his right ear hangs a bluetooth, left hand holding his sleek iphone... he looks up at me and smiles. "you goin' in?" I hold the door as he slides in... and I hear a series of clicks. A loose bolt or something tickles the rims each time his wheelchair wheel spins a full rotation.

He arrives all by himself on a Friday afternoon to enjoy the sunset at the coffeeshop by the cliffs. He orders a tall iced coffee and pastry of some sort. The barista takes time to round his way from behind the counter to set up the table for the man. Newspaper-- check, Napkin--check, and it begins. With arms thinner then a child's forarm, ossified not due to age but possibly disuse... the man caresses the pastry with both hands and ever so slowly lifts it up to his lips. Each motion arduously timed, each movement exhibited as if the air was made of viscous substance.

As he savors his first bite I notice a faint smile. Perhaps the pastry was especially delectable this afternoon.. but I think he simply found happiness in completing the task all by himself. How many of us take time each day to appreciate things we are born with .... not just things we obtain?

Either way, as I sit here with the affectionate sun rays melting on my knees, I feel peacefully content. Not necessarily due to accomplishments... because heck, I have a freaking long to do list waiting for me to check off. But yet, I'm breathing, warm, and safe ..... best of all, I still have 2 hours and 11 minutes left on my laptop battery

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