September 26, 2010

candy jewelry and leggings

Jukebox:  Rue De La Paix - Zazie

My fleeting junk food-free diet seems to have ended without my knowing. Just last night I cleaned all this out of my purse.... an accumulation of two days worth of candy-on-the-go. Dammit 3-Musketeers mint. You are the best candy I've had in a looong time.  I don't know if I should be amused or what. In other news... I've been loving the vinyl looking leggings I bought from Taiwan last winter. Been sporting them almost every few days. Extremely comfortable..and it doesnt make me feel like im wearing no pants either as regular leggings would. haha. One more accessories tadbit.... so after being in a "XL Watch phase" for almost a whole year, I've recently been into slimmer accessories. Adore this watch. Hopefully this phase will last.

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