September 16, 2010

breakfast on a monday morning

Mozerella sauce on a hefty omlete? unheard of! The last time I actually ate breakfast at a restaurant probably was during my dorming days.  This is why I jumped at an opportunity to try out Marmalade for breakfast this week. Seen as my last encounter with them was lackluster... although mainly due to my own food selection, I was still curious to test give their grand breakfast selection a try. With my capricious personality, I couldn't decide between omelette's for the longest time... They all looked so tasty! I finally decided to settle for an Italian omlete topped with slices of swiss cheese. mmmm delectable :)  Nothing more enticing then food along with good company!

1 comment:

  1. I don't eat eggs but that does look appetizing! I've heard of cheddar in an omelet but not mozzarella. Interesting!