August 11, 2010

When Life gives you lemons, Take pictures of it.

Guess it's about time for a new entry... I've given myself enough time to debrief, relax and think over my options. Good? Bad? Only time can really tell.  Lots of things have happened... I dyed my hair for the first time in my life, drove for over an hour on the freeway (yes, I rarely drive freeways), got a tattoo ... ok.. just kidding about the latter.  But in all honesty, I've learned quite a lot in the past 6 days or so.. given myself a breather and a newfound stressor, but it's alright.. and I'm ready to go on. I've had a lot of relatives come by lately, so with their arrival come awesome gadgets. I am now the proud (co)owner of an umbrella sword  (which I will probably write an entry about later)... about 4 sundresses... a soymilk maker AND an icecream machine! Nom Nom. I really wish I had a camera to blog about it but it is currently in.. Utah... or somewhere near Yellowstone. My mother had to borrow it. Now is the time I guess for my 5mpx cellphone camera to shine. Without further adue, let's see what my cellphone captures have to bring.

Jen and me studying  "diligently" at starbucks along with my tasty Tea Latte, Blue Berry muffin.. and oh wait.. is that meebo I see?

No no! It's not because I wanted to chat with others, It's simply because I wanted to blog about how I saw the future TMG sitting right next to them.  I hope I don't get arrested for sneaky picture taking. And yes, all three are female... mothers :X (Don't ask me who I'm referring to). But they talked about 3 hours  straight about life during their reunion. How do I know this? I have good ears. (half JK)

My Second Ever MUA Swap! Muy exciteddddd!!!

That's all folks for now!  As  for my increasing number of Yelp Entries... I'm playing with the possibility of importing them over here...

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