August 16, 2010

6 hourslater i come back with basically nothing done.

So I circled ALLL the way around LA for close to two hours... and I still couldn't get past wilshire.  Apparently the president was there. Um... but is there such a necessity to close down every single street?! I really do not understand -___-.  It wasn't just closed within westwood... the jam started all the way from Santa Monica and Up until Beverly Hills. So insane. Then because Wilshire was completely closed, everyone started going on Santa Monica Blvd... wow, the traffic was like 3 feet every 5 minutes. Took another hour just to get out.  So today I learned a new acronym.  Apparently POTUS stands for President Of The United States. I then inquired whether it is pronounced as Pawt-uh-s  or Poe-T-uh-s, or Paw-two-s.  (All of which were fairly burlesque sounding especially the latter) And according to my friend, it is pronounced as the middle.  Like hippopotamus.  mmm...

Speaking of food ( ;) ) I'm feeling a bit generous right now... so I think I'll share my dinner with yall ;)

Let's start off our appetite with some cranberry colesaw.. tangy and chill.  Followed by some fresh steamed rice asian style. Finally a nice juicy slab of New York Steak.. medium rare! Drizzled with A1... not regular but rather the bold and spicy flavor.  I know I know, I'm too kind. No need to thank me :) 

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