August 21, 2010

FMLOLOL. flyswatters, apple shavers, all you can eat buffet style

This song is HILARIOUS.

Anyway, after writing 8500 characters for an essay that is limited to 4500, I created a new word:

FMLOLOL (eff-em-el-oh-el-oh-ha ha)  Noun, Verb, Adj. used when something is according to andy, "so shitty (and stupid) you can only laugh"
Real Life Examples:  " I tried stapling a 41pg packet, super duper fail, not just regular fail, but epic monumental fail  --- FMLOLOL."

Needless to say, my FMLOLOL moment was an accumulation of over two weeks worth of work.  Thanks everyone, I know I'm meticulous.

In other news:  I honestly think Asians are the most innovative people out there. In addition to this already amazing "apple shaver"..... 3:57 apple shaver. go..

You didn't click. >:O For you lazy butts, I've screen-shotted the image for your viewing pleasure. Look at this gorgeous thanggg... I think my jaw dropped when I saw it in action.

An apple shaver that looks like those pencil sharpeners!
You know what else was jaw dropping? An amazing japanese gadget I found in my VERY OWN HOUSE today.

Look at this:

now back at me. now look back at this. do you think this is a flyswatter?  if you think so, you are absolutely.... 
RIGHT.  But this is not not JUST an average flyswatter. Look away.

Now back at this:

Do you know what this is? It's something you wish you had, but you don't... something you could only dream of having. You know why? because it is the craziest flyswatter handle you  will have ever seen. Why? Look away.

Now back again:

THIS is sanitation, this is LOVE. this is....

AN EMBEDDED FLYPICKER UPPER for after you swat those nasty flies.

doOoo doOo Doododoo... old spice.

mmmmmm... :) excuse my nails, I need to lacquer up. hrmmm what color shall I choose next?

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  1. wth! that is so awesome! it comes with its own tweeeezzzzeeers!!