August 26, 2010

Total aZn breakdance status.... NOT.

So my dear sister taught me a trick today.  That is... how to get asian glow without drinking ANYTHING!  It requires 2 hands, a head, and a clear mind (to keep your balance), oh.. and a bit of strength.  Guaranteed on the first try to get you as red as a tomato.   Let my sister demonstrate first: 

Oh, but only amateurs get the glow.. :P

My turnn!! ugh... suck

LOL.. suck .. redo!  OK clarification... i'm actually holding myself upside down for several seconds here. it's not like a flash shot.  hahhaha

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... looks like I hurt my neck and it's painful (it's not). i give up.

k.. going to KO now from exhaustion.  Hahaha... jk. It actually wasn't that tiring. but I looked like a fool HAHA. Oh gawsh.. might take this off sometime.

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