August 15, 2010

REVIEW: Prettia Hair Dye- Berry Colored

So last week, I dyed my hair for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Wooo. I wouldn't exactly say that I had been contemplating for a while... but maybe off and on several times throughout Senior year. Anyway, my main concern was my fear of the damage it would cause to my hair.. since I already got it straightened this winter.  Anyway, my cousin brought this Japanese brand of hairdye from Taiwan last week and I decided to give it a try.   Having seen my roomates dye their hair before, I knew that probably the most time consuming and messy process is the application process.  Luckily Prettia was known for their foam application. I had looked online for some application tips and found this to be helpful:

Basically, all I did was squeeze the two chemicals together into their foam applicator.  Then, after mixing it for a few seconds, I just applied the foam on my hair.  They had A LOT of product so it was pretty easy to cover my whole hair in foam within 10 minutes or so. The smell was pretty bearable, but it still smelled like any hair dye. After about 20 minutes I could already see my hair tinting red.  And I think my heart skipped.  The color that I had recieved was already supposed to be slightly reddish.. I was crossing my fingers that it would SOMEHOW turn brown :P

Anyway, after rinsing it out of my hear, I used the color treatment packet that it came with (which barely covers 1/4 of your hair) rinsed it out and took a look.  The color was definitely reddish the first night after dying (but it has faded to a browner color as you will see in the pictures below)  And I noticed my hair texture became a bit rougher.  I did noticed  more hair loss than usual that first wash (but not anymore in following washes)  This was expected however with any sort of dye application.  Anyway, it's been about a week, and this is what I look like now:

not too noticeable in home lighting actually

The foam application made the color distributing surprisingly even.  No clothing was ruined in teh process... and I basically just wore a tank top the whole time.  The chemicals didn't even hurt my scalp at all. no tingle, nothin. :)  I probably won't dye my hair again because it was one of those things where I just wanted to try once and get my curiosity over with... but if I did want to in the future, I would definitely use Prettia again. 5/5 stars.
I think it somewhat made my skin look even darker.

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