August 20, 2010

i love poo... h

No vitamin D supplements needed today. I got a good fat dose at disneyland.  And tanned..  a lot :O

 I even took the necessary precautions. AKA.. my trusty disneyworld safari hat, ridiculously huge sunscreen sunglasses, and close toed shoes. I honestly have not worn "shoes" in over 2 years for leisure.  As in proper shoes... that need socks. (flats excluded)  and surprise surprise, it was the first time my feet didn't hurt after hours of standing and walking. hrmm perhaps tis a sign? Anyway, the picture on the right is me pre-tan. The jumping one is after. haha burnt. 

So, this was the first time we did not watch Fantasmic at night. Instead, we went to Tomorrowland instead for their Nemo ride. I noticed they had this lil outdoor clubb-y environment where Power 106 was DJ-ing.  A good amount of kids/adults were dancing and jumping near the outdoor stage.  They had top hits blasting (censored obviously)... but the songs were the same. I forgot what exactly was playing, but it was definitely popular? Suddenly I hear these kids singing the lyrics word by word. They knew it all by heart except... censors were not included. When I turned around, I couldn't help but notice that the owners of these voices were around  seven years old! WTH! They knew like every line of the lyric. LOL Impressive-lyyy shocking. Oh Gawd.. when did I become so mature minded. Snap out! Snap Out.

Anyway, I think Disney has been catching up in terms of their culinary innovations. I saw some extremely cute candied apples at their bakery! Price wasn't bad either... 

The Jumping pic. Anyway, it would be a classic if the castle in the jumping picture showed up.  It's there I promise. My outfit was outrageous and my face was as naked as hell. But I didn't care, it was as hot as a toaster oven in Anaheim. I'm so dark now. poo..h..

(this kind of pooh)

i love poo .... h :)

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