August 01, 2010

NOM NOM phones. (not the truck)

isn’t this the CUTEST phone EVER?!!

SOOO CUTE!  Little Chocolate bars! Gosh… nomnom… they even have the Strawberry melty kind. I WANT! But then I went online to see how much it is. Not $200, not $300… NOT EVEN $500. IT IS A WHOPPING $1790. yess for this 3 inches of whopping waterproof goodness XD

I am so stupid! How in this crazy world did I not think all google accounts would be linked?!   Of course Google wouldn't let a diligently developed product go to waste. I guess I need to think more clear in the future, and watch my own actions meticulously when I am stressed and tired... because those are the times I usually do the dumbest and brashest things. 

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