August 28, 2010

REVIEW: BioNeo Cellular Intensive Facial Mask



but i'm so tired.... shall elaborate some other time.  As for now I just want to say, don't use the BioNeo Cellular Intensive  Face Mask. At least for me, it was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too rich for my skin. I got it about six months ago in Taiwan along with their lotion gel which I actually found extremely moisturizing yet noncomedogenic.... hence why I was willing to splurge 3 for $16 for this little thing.  That was when I figure this mask might do the same thing... but better.  HAHHAHA... no.  I woke up with like more then three extra spots and a very bad mood.  It smelled like old-lady perfume which I suspect induced my insomnia for the night (ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but I have a tendency to like to leave masks on overnight... like overnight treatment ya? and the smell was unbearable) And it left this really sticky feeling film all over which just made you feel greasy and gross.  Even two days later, I felt like my skin was oilier just due to this one overnight treatment. Had to calm it down with Tea Tree Oil.  Ho-hum.  Pros were the function-ability ?!  The mask came in two different parts, one for the forehead and cheeks and one for the chin and jaw. So I guess if you want to eat and talk as you pamper your face, this mask won't obstruct.  Ok. nothing really else I want to say.

The following is a stupid picture that is a fairly accurate reflection of my angst towards this little packet. Oh on my face is, Origins Out of trouble 10 minute mask aka my damage control.

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