August 23, 2010

R.I.P. mouse. you have been kind to withstand my constant torture :[

I have so much to do these next five  months it is kind of insane :P Wrote them all down and it took one whole page.... times new roman, font 12. NO double spacing.  BLAH I cannot wait until this time one year later. If by then I have completed and everything on my list I will seriously reward myself with a big fat  pat on the back.

So, it was finally time to say R.I.P to my pink mouse.  It was a good 3 years, withstood many gina drops, and outlived a laptop. So sad. I think it probably would have lasted longer if I didn't accidentally bang it against the wall when I grabbed the mouse by just the cord.  I really liked the cord wrap around button function... so useful, and wouldn't get tangled in my purse. Boo.

So I was determined to find a cute computer mouse online since they last pretty long anyway.  I don't understand why there are Hello Kitty ones but no Totoro ones. Wouldn't it be the cutest thing if they made like the mouse a totoro body? It's around the same shape too. Anyway, I found a lot of totoro mouse PADS instead. Look how cute these are: 

heheeeee... These would be a cute addition to my ever growing totoro collection. Too bad I think mouse pads are an annoying waste of space.

In other news, I REALLY think I tanned because after laquering up on a shiny green gloss today, I noticed that my hands looked a very unpleasant neon.  Whyyyy... Didn't really like this polish anyway.

So anyway, here's the lowdown.
BRAND: Klean Color
PRICE: super cheap $2
COLOR: Silky Bamboo (silky sheen)
SMELL: OK. (aka not good)
COATS:  2 Coats probably needed. honestly, the consistancy is kind of streaky no matter how good your painting skills are. Drys semi-slow.
LASTING POWER:  without top coat about 2 weeks... semi chipping by then. I guess the lasting power is not THAT bad then.
FINAL RATING: 3/5  ehhh..

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