June 29, 2010

REVIEW: Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer

You know whats my favorite sound? The sound of marbles clinking and swishing next to one another. So crisp and so unique. There really is no other possible way to replicate it verbally or by text. I guess hearing the sound gives me the same feeling as the sound of someone biting into a crisp delicious apple. mmmmmm. Except even better, because it's ongoing (if you swish 3 marbles around without stopping. ) Because of this, I carry 3 marbles with me at all times. So I can whip em out when I am stressed and calm myself as I listen to it.

JUST KIDDING (that last sentence)! Now before everyone starts thinking i'm a freak, let me explain. marbles are marbles. They sound good, but they are glass. Useless. I've recently discovered something else that makes the exact same noise when you clank multiple items of these together... NAILPOLISH BOTTLES!! and what's even better about this situation? Nailpolish bottles contain nailpolish!

:: angel cry song:: I LOVE NAILPOLISH lalalaa~~

so a few months back I was scanning the aisles at CVS with a buy $25 Save $5 coupon when something shiny caught the corner of my eye. Milani had introduced this holographic nail laqcure collection. That can look THREE D. There was a multitude of color selections: HD silver, 3D gold, Hi-Tech green, Cyberspace blue, Digital pink, Hi-Res purple.OH EM GEE... i was downnn..

Yet it still took me over 5 months to end up purchasing 3 bottles of these at $4.49 each. What can I say.. I'm thrifty?

So recently I just bit my tongue and glared at my wallet and decide to throw down some 13 dollars for 3D, Cyberspace and Hi-Res. and boy I am pleased. As far as consistancy it took me about 3 coats (for 3D) for the nailbed to be completely hidden. There was no streaking and the glitter effect was AMAZING and truly holographic under certain lighting. The polish dries fast and smooth to the touch. Best of all, even without a top or base coat it actually lasted over a week for me with minimal chipping near the cuticles.


Gold: My first buy,  beautiful sunny tone yet a bit clashy for my skintone (NC40).  Might look better on people with a Warm skin tone. Great consistancy and applies the most with the least amount of strokes (compared to Hightech and Cyberspace).

Hi-Tech: The color is a bit washed out with silver. But  3+ coats will do the trick.  The purple is a faded royal tint. Looks Glorious.

Cyberspace: Total Avatared out, very holographic. My favorite out of the three.  Word of caution is that  multiple coats are needed, or else you might just end up looking like you have glittery bruised fingernails (as Jen says).

Last but not the least, why did I choose these three colors?  Simply because I am fans of 2 different teams!
Go Lakers!!    Go Bruins!!

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