June 29, 2010

Oh the games we play

When I was nine.. all I wanted for Christmas was a monopoly set. To think now, I really dont understand how the concept of fake cash and building houses around a laminated card board seemed that enticing to me.  I remember when I actually got the monopoly set, I felt like the luckiest kid alive.  Let me clarify at this moment that I do not love money like crazy. I just like counting it.. JUST KIDDING. Honestly, I think it was the fact that the game didn't really HAVE  an ending but rather was a circular path. A familiar setting. Comforting.  And even when you run out of money, you can count on your fellow playmates to lend.  I remember reading the FAQ's  so thoroughly that I still remember some trivia. Did you know the inventor of Monopoly was unemployed at the time he created the game?  It was during the Great Depression.

Anyway, I wanted everyone to play monopoly with me. my mom, my dad, my sis, my aunt.  Unfortunately, I think the only person that I successfully, and painfully recruited was my sister. Poor thing :P  So imagine my surprise today when my mom exclaimed "Hey we should take out the monopoly game to play." I think my heart stopped for a second.

I really wanna elaborate why, but I'm as tired as heck. I think ill go to bed considering its 447AM. so stay tuned!

[edit] im too lazy to type more.. sorry :) [/edit]

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