June 15, 2010

Hello Beginnings!

On this bright monday morning when I should be drafting my letter to my professor for my rec, I cannot help but imagine how different life is about to become. Today, 3 days after I crossed the podium into the “Alumni” status, I feel a bit overwhelmed. I have just begun to realize who I am 4 years really isn’t that long) when I’m suddenly set free again. Interestingly enough, the freedom from midterms, projects and finals is the worse feeling. Thank goodness I still have a purpose in knowing what career I’m aiming for, or else I really might just go bizzark. I’m in a synaptic cleft, like a neurotransmitter trying to get from axon to dendrite… and really it’s ALL up to me to bridge this transition smoothly.

I’m gina. At the fresh age of twenty-two, I just graduated college. Blogs are nooooo new recipe for me as I have started writing journals at the tender age of 8. I actually am fairly proficient in web designing and have owned a handful of domains and made several websites thoughout my past youth. But this blog was made with high hopes in content, not layout. I do currently have another private blog that I was planning on expanding upon, but decided against… it’s way too private with entries from 2004. I am applying to school this year and am slightly stressed. Therefore, this is why I need a public outlet. Hopefully at this time when uncertainty prevails, I can work on my mediocre composition skills (what four years of science courses does to you) and give others who are in the same shabang as me a zone of relativity.

I love abstract art , digital photography manipulation (I refuse to get a dslr and instead highly prefer photoshopping my point-and-shoot camera pictures, until they get to dslr quality), story book reading, skincare, fashion, color palettes, listening to music, writing checklists, and pensive talking.

I worry about my life, my connections with friends after I graduate, family, my relationship with ppl, my application stats, my skin care, whether the next earthquake will strike, whether my cellphone battery will die.

And throughout this year of waiting, I hope to cover these topics in my blog: my be<3ed camera and thoughts about it, struggles with image, my view of friends and life, worries about applying and future, product reviews, random thoughts, nailpolish swatches, junkfood, music and music videos I love, and a multitude of other things. I’m hoping the conclusion of this blog will be me getting acceptances into schools one year later ( 1/31/11 edit... I've decided to continue this blog indefinitely despite my first acceptance ... as this outlet has become a part of me!  =) )

…but like my dad says, hopes are always just dreams unless you actually start taking action. And that applys to both what I hope this blog will become as well and as my applications.

With that said, I’ll continue to draft my letters.

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