June 30, 2010

poople phants.

Admist my frantic cleaning today, I found the ugliest pair of jeans I had ever seen in my life.

1. They were not skinny enough to be skinny jeans, yet not wide enough to be regular or even boot cut jeans
2. Color resembled an overly ripe eggpant.
3. It was high waisted and the crotch zipper was about 8 inches long.

I think the attractiveness level of anyone wearing those pants would decrease by 38% straight off the bat.
So I did some snipping...

Added a retro yelloOH T-shirt.  Still too big?  Snapped on some old suspenders. weee..

Now, if I had yellow converses, this would top off teh whole dealio.
Alas...new high waisted shorts to wear!

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