June 28, 2010

asian moms are da bang!

mom looking at clothes in our bag to donate:  gina will u ever wear this ::holds out lONG heavy denim skirt (to ankles.. yes, to ankles)::

g: no i wont, you can donate it.
mom: are you sure?
g: yaa I dont think ill ever wear it
mom: but its still new though with the tag still on
g: yaa, but I dont think ill ever wear it,I dont even know whose it is and why it was in my closet in the first place.
mom: does it not fit?
g: well.. it's because I dont really think ill ever wear a long denium skirt like that. thats why I put it in the bag
mom: sure?  what about during winter time
g: no I will just wear jeans then
mom: so it doesn't fit you?
g: I'm not too sure, but basically it will just waste space in the closet because I won't wear it, and it's not mine. thats why i put it in the donation bin
mom: etc
g: etc
- 4 min overlap-
mom: hrmm.. okay then, ::puts back in original bag::

total time usage = 8 min.
total tasks accomplished= 0

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